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  1. Hello Im trying to set Timerpresetvalues and Timercurrentvalues on a V130 via the PCOM - ASCII Protokoll. I found commands for reading ( GT and GP ) these Timers, but I couldn't find any commands for writiting them ! How can this be realized ? Thank You very much ! Manfred
  2. Hello All 2 Questions: 1.) PCOM Consistency When exactly are PCOM - Requests executed by the Operating System ? Is this done at the end of a program cycle so if f.e. more MI's are written, data is always consistent for the whole program cycle or is it possible that data is changed DURING a program cycle ( Interrupt driven, ... ) which leads to inconsistency of data for the program ? 2.) PCOM via Ethernet How much Client Connections ( to TCP Port 20256 ) can be made at the same time ? Thanks Manfred
  3. Hello All We are trying to use the PCOM - Protokoll via Radio Modems ( Satel 3ASd ). To find the correct route, these Modems have the ability to detect ( independent of the used protokoll ) the Node - Number ( Unit ID ) of the destination PLC. For this, the Offset and Length of the Node in the Frame have to be configured. So, for PCOM - ASCII, Offset 1 and Length 2 must be configured and everything works fine ! For PCOM - Binary, Offset 6 and Length 1 must be configured and here is our problem: Visilogic uses both ( ASCII and Binary ) Protokolltypes so this setting in the Radio Modem doe
  4. Hello All Is there a limitation for the length of a Responseframe in the PCOM - ASCII Protokoll, or is it possible f.e. to read 255 Memory Longs ? Thanks Manfred
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