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  1. I am not sure what function to use to convert the frequency to FPM. Is there a simple way to do this either in the HMI or the Ladder?
  2. As far as the feet and inches that is no longer a problem. I had the program set up as you suggested but the inches did not work out, but when I ordered my new encoder it reads 300 pulses per revolution and with a 6" wheel that is 600 per foot and that works out to 50 pulses per inch. And I can take care of resetting by taking my length a pulse before the reset as you suggested. Now the feet per minute, it can be an average once the machine is up to speed the feet per min will be very constant. Can I use the High Speed Input and the second line of the AB Shaft Encoder, Frequency Measurement to get a FPM?
  3. I am using a V430-J-TR34 and an incremental encoder to measure, cut, and monitor continuous pipe coming from a pipe mill. The mill puts out a continuous length of pipe at about 100 feet per minute. I have a couple of problems or questions with it. 1 want a keypad entry on the display so I can enter the distance for the pipe to be cut, I have that setup okay but I am having trouble with the inches. I have an entry of feet and one for inches. With the feet I am linking it with a MI and multiplying it by 2000 which is the pulses per ft. With the inches the pulse is 166.66667 per inch but I can't enter a decimal in the multiplication function the closes I can get is 166 pulses. When I reset after the cut is made my encoder value goes to 0 which is good but I want to measure the total feet of pipe that is ran through this mill, to do this do I add a store and input the encoder value and then divide the stored value? I also want to measure Feet Per Minute. Is there an example out there that already has this done?
  4. How many jumps can be made in a Vision HMI? There are 16 lines in the Links and Jumps page and I would like to add more. Is that possible?
  5. I found my problem. I needed to move Jp 1 & 2 to the A side for my current loop. I was just looking at 4 & 5 in the instructions. Thank You for the help.
  6. V130-33-R34 http://www.unitronics.com/Data/Uploads/V130/V130-33-R34_INSTAL-GUIDE_10-08.pdf Thank you
  7. I connected the same analog input to a V120 and was able to make it work. I am using a 4-20 simulator and it is telling me that I have an open loop. I keep looking at the connections and the jumpers and I think that I am correct with everything.
  8. Currently I an only working with the flow meter and it is a Dwyer Model# HFT-2320. http://www.dwyer-inst.com/PDF_files/F_HFT.pdf It is a two wire current loop fed from the same +24 VDC that is feeding the PLC and returning to the terminal #4 on the V130. I agree it seems like it should work.
  9. I am setting up a V130 to control an oil system, which will use a flow meter with a 4-20 ma input and an ultrasonic sensor also with a 4-20 ma. I have set up AN0 up as a 4-20 ma analog input in the hardware configuration. When I connect my 4-20 signal to terminal #4 my mili amp meter shows 3.5 ma. no mater what I do. I have checked my device and it puts out the proper 4-20 range but as soon as I connect it I get 3 + ma. I have taken the back off and checked the jumpers and they are all in the B position. I have several PLC's running with an analog input and have never had any problems before. What am I missing?
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