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  1. Dear Friends, I require a sample program of SQL connection with UniStream PLC and how to run queries.
  2. Transferring autocad coordinates to excel file . Importing that excel to data table.
  4. Replaced one more CNC controller with V130-J-TR34 It was a Auto Punching Machine for metal sheets. The CNC controller of the X,Y table failed. The X,Y table had two servo motors. I used the V130-J-TR34 for this application. Customer wanted to transfer the AutoCad drawing directly to the PLC. So i used some tools from unitronics site to convert autocad file to excel file and then transferring the excel to PLC. The idea worked and now the machine is running.
  5. Hi all friends Till now i have used almost 250 to 300 unitronics PLC which consist of V130, V350, V570, V1040. The best in this i feel is the V130, V350. I have got failure in only 3-5 PLC till now. The best thing about unitronics is its very reliable and has a very strong ladder development software which is free for users. It also has other set of softwares which are very useful for project development. I can easily make my own software in VB or VB.net and connect to my unitronics plc for doing different type of applications. There is a big scope of doing adventurous development in unitronics. The info mode is the best feature in the unitonics plc , i can do trouble shooting in my plc sitting in my office and talking to my customer on phone. The SD card is also one of the best feature in this segment. S7-200 , AB and other big brands do not have such features in this segment.
  6. Aluminium extrusion Machine My customer had a complete automatic aluminium extrusion machine which had a S7-300 in main extrusion machine and two S7-200 PLC in conveyor system. The conveyor system has a trolley which travels 40m in both direction in high speed. There were some hydrollic system on the trolley which use to clamp the aluminium profile and pull it out of the extrusion machine. The trolley use to automatically synchronized with the speed of the extrusion. There was one more S7-200 plc in trolley system which use to control the hydrolic system in the trolley. Both the PLC in the trolley as well as the main panel were connected to each other through a bus bar system to exchange communication signals while the trolley was moving. Trolley use to have frequent breakdowns due to communication error between the plc. I was given this task to make this system more durable. The first thing i did is replaced both the S7-200 plc with V130 PLC. In the trolley we installed the V130-j-TR20 and in main panel we installed V130-J-TR34 with IO_AI4_AO2. Then we developed a new program and synchronized every thing with the extrusion machine as it was before. V130-J-TR20 was in the trolley and V130-J-TR34 was in main panel and they need to be communicated with each other so that all trolley function should work. The previous system was bus bar system and was causing frequent problems, so i decided to go for a wireless communication system. I took two simple TP-link routers and installed one in trolley with v130-tr20 and other in main panel with v130-tr34. Then i setup a modbus ip link between them and exchanged all my signal between them. See the link of the video below https://www.facebook.com/shriramauto/videos/927412653974856/ https://www.facebook.com/shriramauto/videos/927412367308218/ https://www.facebook.com/shriramauto/photos/pcb.927396570643131/927395883976533/?type=3 https://www.facebook.com/shriramauto/photos/pcb.927396570643131/927395853976536/?type=3 https://www.facebook.com/shriramauto/photos/pcb.927396570643131/927395827309872/?type=3 Now the system is working perfectly and once again unitronics proves that it is the best and most user friendly PLC.
  7. Yes but we will require PWM outputs in order to control the RPM of the motors. Inputs are not required. My handheld V350 will send communication messages to the v130 in the plane with the help of xbee communication module in order to control the RPM of motors.
  8. I want to use a V130 plc as a reciver in a RC plane. Is it posible to power the plc on a 12v battery 1. I will be using a v130 cpu and IO board 2. 4 BLDC motors with ESC 3. xbee moudle for wireless communication. 4. 12v battery Please suggest me if this is posible.
  9. A Samba 70 has a USB programming port and one optional port for Ethernet or RS232/485. I want to install a ethernet port but at the same time i want to use the USB programming port for MODBUS RTU to communicate with a remote IO by using a USB to RS485 converter, Is this posible?
  10. For such application you actually require a hardware input interrupt subroutine, This type of subroutine trigers on every rising or falling edge of the input. In unitronics we don't have such subroutine. You can use a read immediate input function but action will be taken as per scan time of PLC. Minimum time will be 1.25mS. 2nd profile is posible because the speed is very slow before stoping, But in 1st profile there may be some errors as speed is very high and it may miss the stop plus because it will be scaned every 1.25 mS. I had tried using a V130-J-TR20 for labeling application but i had problems while stoping plus.
  11. Hi I replaced the CNC controller for WIDIA single spindle gun drilling machine with our vision 430-TR34 and used the PTO function for positioning of the drill deapth. Earlier it was done with a CNC controller which failed. The customer was having no replacement for it from the OEM because the a machine was old. So then i adviced my clinet to change the full controls of the machine with new PLC the vision 430-TR34 and used the PTO function for position controll. Please see the link below for the photos of the project https://www.facebook.com/shriramauto
  12. How can i restrict my user from opening SD clone file in visilogic program.
  13. Please see the attached file VisiLogic Project.pdf
  14. Hi Holly and thank you very much for sharing this information. This information is very valuable for me in terms of sales point of view.
  15. Hi bahiaml Also give rising edge command to PTO set profile when you are using PTO move. Alos use the PTO set profile block while stopping the PTO. Below i am attaching the example how to configure it. Check it and do let me knowVisiLogic Project.pdf
  16. The idea of using index pulse with high speed input is good but there is another limitation to this that is i want to take action on the rising edge of the index pulse. HSC interrupt will take action on falling edge. Then also i will try on falling edge if it works better i will use it that way. Input Interrupt are very useful for motion application. E.g i am doing a cut to length application where i have one stepper motor with drive connect to v130-j-tr20. I am pulling a plastic film which has a mark on it. i have to stop on the mark. The application works fine on slow speed but as i start increasing the speed the mark starts shifting this is because of the scan time. If if have input interrupt we can stop the motor on the rising edge of the mark. So its necessary to add such hardware features to PLC.
  17. Can any body help me in how to create a input interrupt routine in unitronics plc. Other PLC like AB , Siemens , Omron , Delta, has this type of routine. The input subroutine is immediately triggers on the rising edge of the input. Application. I am using a encoder with marker pulse. I am using this marker pulse to reset the encoder counts, but at the same time i need to reset some other MI's of the plc. I am also using the HSC reload option to generate _HSC interrrupt. At every HSC interrupt i am storing the current valve of the encoder to a series of MI. E.g 1st interrupt MI0 , 2nd Interrupt MI1 and it goes on till it reaches to a certain point. When i get the marker pulse i want to reset the encoder value and at same time all other value store in the series of MI, MI0, MI1, till may be MI10. i am using a 36000 ppr encoder so i cannot depend on scan time to reset these MI. I tried it but then i miss the 1st two MI readings. The marker pulse is so small that sometimes its doesn't come in the scan time. Encoder speed is 5-10 RPM. If i get the option of input interrupt routine then i will configure the marker pulse as input interrupt and reset all MI when marker triggers.
  18. Please go through the attached filePLC 16.1.15.vlp
  19. Also check the parameters of the temperature controller like slave ID, Baud rate , Stop bit , parity and modbus address
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