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  1. Thanks, I think Ausman's version will do the same thing more efficiently with one less block, as the conversion is done automatically in the floating point divide block. Lots of ways to accomplish the same result. Glad it's working.
  2. You can also try converting the value from the counter to a Float before dividing by 1000 and placing the result in a float as below. MI 3 can be substituted for your counter value. MF1 will be = (MI3/1000)
  3. An MI is a signed value from 32767 to -32768. When you divide by 1000, I would expect to see what you are seeing due to word wrap to a negative value when the value gets larger than 32767 (accessing the sign bit/MSB). As said by Flex727, you will probably need to utilize one of the double word formats ML, DW etc. to allow values large enough to not roll over the word. You could also cascade counters by making one counter count to 1000 and counting the number times it gets there with a second counter.
  4. Working on my first application requiring remote access via a GSM modem. I need to reach the Unitronics to view program remotely. I have recieved from AT&T 2 ways to communicate. The first try is supposedly simpler but doesn't quite meet my needs due to the number of installations required. It involves a static public IP (I have received a static public IP from AT&T) but I cannot get the comm init to finish and turn on bit SB80. I initialized the modem with the Unitronics untiity, and can talk to it through hyperterm. I took the program used in the Unitronics training and modified with my APN and info. I have the sniffer on line and it looks like the initialize com starts but doesn't finish. It looks like it hangs just after the reset in the comm initialize block. any suggestions? Once this works I need to try and make it function on a VPN to allow more devices. FYI using AT&T for cell service and there "access my lan" for VPN. - Brian enfora.vlp
  5. Thanks, I hadn't considered the interupt subroutine which is exactly why I posted it.
  6. I have an application using the low end of the highspeed counter scale on a flow switch. The flow switch counts give a pretty accurate indication of volume when counted correctly. The flow switch uses a reed relay at 50pps. (customer supplied and working with competitors plc) The reed generates some contact bounce at a much higher frequency that the HS counter picks up. This gives some issues with volume dispensed. I'd like to filter it without adding external components/signal conditioners. It would be nice in the config of the HS counter to set a minimum pulse width to ignore. Is there a way to do this either in the module config or via software? I realize i may have to do to some signal conditioning external to the plc but thought I would throw it out in case there is something I am not aware of. - Brian
  7. Along these lines, is there a way to change the x axis of the trend from time to another value (like a register location)... to show something like force vs distance instead of force vs time.
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