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  1. I have a problem when configuring UniOPC for a customer. Target machine: Windows XP SP3 I set up the permissions for UniOPC according to the manual. The UniOPC server is started by the Merz OPCtoDDE software. We use OPCtoDDE because an old system component does not support OPC2. When I'm logged in with an Administrator account, everything starts normally and communication works OK. Always. When I log in on the User account, which should have all the necessary permissions as I have followed the manual "by the book", the UniOPC fails in one of two ways: 1. If the UniOPC server was not started when logging in on the User account, a dialog appears with the message "Runtime Error '70': Permission Denied" and UniOPC stops. It then tries to restart the UniOPC every once in a while (every minute?) with the same result. 2. If the UniOPC server was already started before the login, e.g. by a login to an Administrator account that resulted in successful communication over UniOPC, then the UniOPC server is running OK but the communication does not work. Questions: * In case 1, how do I set the permissions to make it work? * In case 2, what could be the problem as the communication was in fact working in the same session but with another user?
  2. Good question. I also stumbeled on this problem once. A solution would be handy, I don't like to re-install customer systems if I don't have to.
  3. Was there ever a suggested solution or workaround for this behaviour?
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