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  1. Thanks. But i was looking for developping my own VB tool in order to access the SDCard from a TCP connection with the PLC... anyone has done similar tool previously? Manu
  2. Hi, Would anyone know if it's possible to access the sdcard's files directly from TCP using either the COM Object ActiveX.dll or the Net Driver. In fact I don't want to use the SD Card Suite tool... Regards Manu
  3. For information i am using the IMS MDrive23Plus motor (http://www.imshome.com/products/mdrive23plus_canopen.html) just in case anyone had use this before Thanks
  4. Thanks for your reply. However there is nothing in the EDS file that is related to the configuration Mode change (...) keep in mind that this is a motor and not a coder, it may explain the difference (or not?). Therefore i am still stuck with this motor in Operation Mode while i can change this without any issues through the CanOpenTester app, which gives the following feedback: >> Id=07E5, Rtr=00, Data= 04 01 >> Id=07E5, Rtr=00, Data= 11 02 >> Id=07E5, Rtr=00, Data= 13 00 00 >> Id=07E5, Rtr=00, Data= 17 >> Id=07E5, Rtr=00, Data= 04 00 Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. Hi, Currently using a V130 with a stepper motor controlled via CanOpen, I can control the motor within operation mode however i can't find anyway to set the motor in configuration mode (!?) Basically, i need to set the configuration Node-ID and Bit timing parameters using SDO or equivalent. For information, the motor is from IMS and as per the Application Note from the manufacturer, the COB ID is 0x07E5 (.2021d). Thanks in advance for your help. Manu
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