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  1. Thanks for your answer Flex727. I will try this solution. Best regards
  2. hello everyone does anyone have a small program routine for adding 100 consecutive MI. thank you.
  3. HI Ofir, I tryed to configure my motor using Can-layer2 and............success, all it's Ok. Very thanks for this information. Bye.
  4. HI Ofir, Thanks for your answer I wil try this and i will tell you if it's ok.
  5. Hi Team, I complement my colleague's request .... I would like to know if it is possible to have access to an LSS layer of a stepper motor drived by Canopen. This layer (Layer Setting Services (LSS)) must be used to set a new ID and a new bit-timming. (ex: ID 2 i / 500 kbauds/s) According to the motor data sheet I have to access a fixed h07E5 COB-id and send him a set of values ​​for that. Using SDO is clearly not possible to access this COB-ID!!!! Note: In the EDS file there is no address which corresponds to Actual ID and Bit-timming. As described in the message above, using the tool provided by the manufacturer of the engine, the frames sent are: >> Id=07E5, Rtr=00, Data= 04 01 >> Id=07E5, Rtr=00, Data= 11 02 >> Id=07E5, Rtr=00, Data= 13 00 00 >> Id=07E5, Rtr=00, Data= 17 >> Id=07E5, Rtr=00, Data= 04 00 and correspond to the doc. Have you any idea how to do this from the V130? Thank you all
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