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  1. Hi all! Has anyone had any success with using API to send data from a Vision controller? I am looking to send the stored data in some MI's to an external database using API calls. Thanks!
  2. Hi guys I've been working on a project so long that I now can't see the solution to what I imagine is a simple problem. I have a v350 and I am taking a digital input to control an MB. I have wired many digital inputs that use the same 24vdc power supply as the PLC. But this instance I need to take a switched 24vdc input from another piece of equipment, and I cannot figure out how to wire up correctly! Please can someone help?! Thanks
  3. Hi guys I've been working on a project so long that I now can't see the solution to what I imagine is a simple problem. I have a v350 and I am taking a digital input to control an MB. I have wired many digital inputs that use the same 24vdc power supply as the PLC.
  4. Hi All Has anyone had any success reading a CSV file stored on the SD card directly from an Excel Macro? My customer wants a very simple solution where they can interogate the Excel data stored on the SD card directly from Excel rather than having to use SD card manager, dataXport etc. Is this possible?
  5. Hi everyone I have got myself a problem that I am having trouble figuring out. I am using a V350 as a data logger. The V350 is logging MI's, and ML's to a data table. The logging is working fine. My application requires a result to be logged every 10 or so seconds, therefore I am filling the internal memory of the V350 pretty quickly. I would therefore like to use the SD card as the memory of the logged data. I currently have a net set up in my ladder to copy the data table to the SD card when the memory is 70% full. What I would like to do is to be able to append this Data table stored on the SD card with new data as it is recorded in blocks - for example - I record 1000 lines of data to the SD card, then when the data table reaches 1000 lines again, add this new data to table saved on the SD card. I can write to the SD card each time a result is recorded if it is more appropriate. Is this possible? Also, sometimes, we may need to access this same data via dataXport. Can I download a copy of the data saved on the SD card using dataXport rather than using the SD card suite? The scheduled download function in dataXport makes it desirable for this application. We would like to download a copy of the table and leave the SD card data unchanged. Thanks
  6. russedwards

    USB Storage

    Hi Mikah Did you ever find a solution to this? I'm not sure I will be able to easily cycle the power to the plc after each data transfer.
  7. HI I have a problem that I cannot get to the bottom of. When writing a DT to an SD card, i can get the data to transfer without a problem. Now, when I remove the SD card to transfer the data to the PC, and then re-insert the card to the V350 and try and transfer another DT, the transfer freezes and will not restart until i perform a Reset of the PLC. Does anyone have any ideas?
  8. Hi everyone Is there a way to store data table information on to a USB pen drive? My customer does not want to use the SD card - as they do not want their operators opening the PLC cabinet, and they have no way of using wireless transfer in their location. I haven't been able to find anything suitable yet! Thanks Russ
  9. Hi I have a V1210 using an E3XB snap in and also some remote analogue outputs. I am using an AO6X to give a 4-20 mamp output to some proportional valve controllers. Problem I am having is that one output (O4) will spontaneously send an output to the valve and release pressure - there is nothing in the ladder calling for this action. The valve will then close again. Has anyone experienced this problem before?
  10. russedwards

    RTC Problem

    Hi Guys Thanks for your suggestions. I have tried changing the battery and also uploading a blank project and re-downloading my original project yet the RTC is frozen. I am monitoring via a serial connection ans checking SI 30 -38 and there is no change
  11. Hi I am currently running a project on a V1210 without any major issues. Problem I have is that the RTC does not seem to update - as if the clock has stopped. The PLC in running, the project is running, but the RTC does not update. I have tried syncing with my PC time but it makes no difference. Has anyone experienced this problem? Thanks Russ
  12. Hi Has anyone had any experience of running a snap-in module (E3XB) from a 12 VDC power supply? Is this possible? I am looking at a new application and it would require a 12 VDC power supply to all the electrical items - PLC is being mounted on a vehicle. Thanks
  13. thanks for the help michael, i will give this a try
  14. Hi I am having an issue with some email alerts that I am trying to send from my V570. I am looking to combine direct and indirect email content into the same message, is this possible? For example, at a set time, I want the PLC to send an email saying eg "your current drum volume is 257 litres". The wording "your current drum volume is" - is the direct email content, and the 257 is read from an MI and is therefore the indirect content. Is this possible? Thanks Russ
  15. russedwards

    RTC Date & Time

    Hi I have been looking into the new UniStream equipment and I am very impressed! Can someone shed some light on the Date / Time / UTC structs? It currently seems very long winded to use a date or time function within the ladder, but the help folder says that an included date / time struct is available. Can someone point me to where this is? I'm looking to write the date to a data table, with Visilogic this was a simple RTC to ASCII task.