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  1. I see what the problem is.... I was remotely programming and running the PLC. When I viewed the SD Trend on my computer (via the "Online Test" and the "Remote Operator), SD display screen showed only a blank screen . But when I went to the site and looked at the screen on the PLC it self I saw the values and lines of the SD Trend. So my conclusion: There must be some kind of bug in the "Online Test" and the "Remote Operator" when viewing the SD Trend.
  2. After reading the in the PID Tips in the Visilogic helpfile I think we need to set the The HSO frequency value to 4. In the helpfile is written: If you use an SSR, you can use a Unitronics PLC that supports a high-speed output. In Hardware Configuration, set the Frequency (F=1/CT) parameter's Power-up Value to 5 to 10Hz ( which is 0.2 -0.1s cycle time). Link the PWM Duty Cycle MI to the CV. Note that in order to activate the output pulses, you must SET the RUN MB linked to the HSO in Hardware Configuration.
  3. My PLC is V350-35-T2 I have been having trouble displaying in my PLC a trend written to my SD card. I am able to write the trend to the SD Card and view it in the SD Card Manager but I am not able to view it in my PLC. I write the active Trend to a file called InnUt.utr When I try to use the "Trend from SD" variable in another display, it displays nothing. When the file "InnUt.utr" does: -exists the "Trend load error bit" is "0" -NOT exists the "Trend load error bit" is "1" So I must have the filename and folder correct in my program. Can anyone help me figure out how to display the the Trend in my PLC?
  4. Hjalli Sig is talking about the output frequency (The HSO frequency). We are not sure how to configure it. After testing by changing HSO frequency and testing it with a different HSO Duty Cycles. It seems that if I give it the value 90 It behaves like i want, but I don't know why.
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