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  1. Note: If you go to the location of the .exe file or shortcut you can right-click and go to the properties --> Compatibility and check the "Run as Administrator" check box. This works so you don't have to do it each time.
  2. Solved (look at the end for solution, symptoms are at the start). Still can't get Visilogic 9.7.60 to work in Windows 10. I have tried to clean the registry of all Unitronics entries, clear the directory after uninstalling all Unitronics software. I am getting an "Unhandled exception" "Access to the path 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Unitronics\Remote Operator\Recent Projects.xml' is denied." error when trying to use Remote Operator (install when fine). The folder is present, but the files is not there. Also still getting the "Load 9Permission denied" error after clean install in Windows 10.
  3. I receive an error using Visilogic after upgrading Windows 7 to 10 because it turned on my UAC. After I shut that off and uninstalled it then installed 9.7.60 I am getting a "load 9Permission denined" error. I am going to clean the directory and re-install. I also did not get Remote Operator to work (it is whing about "Corrupted Favorites XML File.").
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