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  1. I see.. is it possible to send a short video to the PLC and then email it to the operator? if not maybe you can think on another solution? thanks for your reply .
  2. hi Alex, maybe i didnt explained myself very good. i didnt mean to stream video from PLC to cell phone, what i need is 2 things: first , an IP camera connecting to the PLC and stream video to PLC HMI screen. second , Remote control the PLC thru web server from PC or Cell Phone and to be able to see the video on the PLC HMI . Best Regard.
  3. Hello, i'm trying to improve some process at work. i need to confirm the quality of a video shown on a display. today an operator comes to the display and confirm it manually. I want to connect an IP camera to a PLC, the camera will stream video to the PLC and give the operator the ability to confirm the video from the web (his smartphone fo example) What I need is: 1. PLC send e-mail to the operator. 2.PLC shown on the HMI display the video from the camera 3. the operator will connect to the PLC with tablet or cell phon. 4. the operator will confirm ( press OK button) if the video on the PLC HMI is o.k is it possible ? can someone please help with that? thanks..
  4. Thanks alex is there any example using ethernet and camera?
  5. Hi, is it possible to connect USB camera to UniStream PLC and see the video in real time on the PLC screen? if yes, is there any recommended camera? thanks.
  6. Hi that what i was planing to do use a multimeter with rs232. thanks for your reply
  7. Hi joe thanks fir your reply i need both, resistance value and continuity in wiring moran
  8. Hello is there any way to measure resistance with V570 PLC? is there any module i can use? i neet to check some shorts and disconnection in a cable thank
  9. Hi, I am using unistream PLC and trying to display pdf documents to the user. I notice that it is not possible to store more than 4Mb. Is there any way to overcome this issue? use SD card maybe? thanks
  10. Hi ok i find my mistake i put 0 in the number of rows parameter in the store DTI to file function. this is what happens when you write ladder program at 24:00 o’clock thank for your help
  11. Hi thanks for your reply. befor i used the function store dti to file I inserted 2 row to the table with write to dti function and i verified with the online mode that the values were inserted to the table and then i used the store function and recive the error -31 When I looked in the sd card I couldn’t see the dt file supposed to be created.
  12. Hi, I'm using the PLC usp-070 and trying to use data table. I have an SD card in the PLC and: when I use the function "store DTI to file" I get error status '-31' when I use "load DTI from file" i get error status '-4' the SD card is FAT32. I'm new with UniLogic and every help will be appreciated. thanks, Moran
  13. Hi is there a way that i can disable the touchscreen and prevent the user from pushing any buttons?
  14. Hello, Is there a. NET driver for the Unistream series? Thanks.
  15. Hi Alexander, The barcode scanner is working good i verified it with pc, i opened a word or any text file and when i scanned the data it showed on the text file.i also looked at the scanner datasheet and realized that it has several mode.one of them is usb serial but nothing worked for me. Regarding to the webinar i already saw it and it is very good webinar. And i did everything the same ( i hope). Thanks for your reply.
  16. Hello, I'm trying to read data with a USB barcode scanner. I used the message composer and the Unitronics example but it does not working. First of all when I plugged the scanner to the PLC USB , it was recognized as a mouse and asked to restart the display, after doing this I tried to scan a barcode but nothing happened. looks like no data was received. In vision PLCs there was the ability to touch the screen for few seconds and enter to debug mode and monitor the serial port for received/ transmit data, does that function existent in UniStream PLCs? the data I expect to recive is 1YE300356,0003@091133A-00 for example. I used Raw Data in the message composer , hope that's o.k thank's for your help.
  17. hello, thank you all for your reply, i had a little misunderstanding about the action list at the button properties. i now understand that this actions take place only when you actually touch the screen. so i moved this actions to the ladder code and now it is working. thank you all again!!
  18. hi ORSO2001, what you say it's correct, but it is not what i am trying to do... now i have 8 binary images (like the circular button) and for each of them i attaced the 2 actions. and when the operator press one of them the actions shuold be work and this is working but i want to press a button (the orange button) and to activate the 8 binary images automatic (make the 2 actions ) at difference time, first operate the first binary image ,after 10 sec operate the second and so on....but this is not working...
  19. hi, i attached 2 photos, the first called 1.GIF you can see a button called "Start Simul" that has 1 action (set bit to Start_Simul bit) the second photo called 2.GIF there is a binary image that link to the bit "Start_Simul" and has 2 actions (set bit and increment ) i want to press the Start Simul button and operate the 2 actions in the binary image. now when i pressed the Start Simul button the binary image change the image but the 2 actions dond work, if i press the binary image directly the 2 actions work.
  20. hi, i tried to use a binary image but still does not work as i need, what i am trying to do is to put a button on the HMI and by pressing it i want to operate another button (or a binary image) that has some actions inits action collection but it is not working well... thanks for your help.
  21. Hi s.pratt, thanks for your repliy , i think what you suggest is the answer for me...i will check it thank you.
  22. Hi, I have a button on the HMI that doing some actions, I want to press this button from the ladder code, how can i address that button? there is no a link bit like visilogic. Can I address HMI element by using it's name? thanks, Moran
  23. hi joe, i need to monitor the frequency and amplitude, can i use digital input? and maybe convert the 0V -3.3V square wave to open gnd and display this on trend graph?
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