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  1. Mike_uz, please call hmi display "My Display" in main routine
  2. Have you set your addresses in the respective MIs?
  3. Direct store problem

    It may work if you shift RESET MB49 after the Store Direct block
  4. Have you configured the required jumpers in both the PLCs?
  5. Stk Overflo

    Do you wish to run the subroutine for only one scan? Why are you using transitions to call subroutines? not a recommended practice
  6. Stk Overflo

    Use a positive / negative transistion contact before the store
  7. For SB13, you donot have to use Transistional contacts. Replace with NO Contact
  8. Deleting timer bug

    Its the exact replica as in the Examples, except that instead of DWs, i was using MLs. It wouldnt work with MLs, but works OK with DWs
  9. Deleting timer bug

    Hi, I am using 9.8.18, build 0. Have observed 2 issues. 1. Whenever i try to delete a subroutine, i get the message " Run Time Error 3021, Either BOF or EOF is True, or the record has been deleted. Requested operation needs a current record " and i have to shut down Visilogics and then start it again. This time it allows one to delete the subroutine. 2. Again, this pertains to 9.8.18 build 0, storing an encoder value on power off and retrieving it on power on, using MLs doesnt work. Only works with DWs. The MLs get reset to 0 Are these issues only faced by me? Thanks Lawry
  10. Multiple connection live checking tip.

    Thanx Ausman. A great help
  11. CANBus and UNICAN

    Hi Ausman, In the earlier trials (when i was using both Canopen & Unican), the termination resistors were on the V1040 & the V130. These 2 being the ends & the encoder in the middle as far as the daisy chain went. Now the termination is set on the V130 & the encoder. And YES the termination is set correctly. Apart from relaying the lift position and various sensor statuses to the V1040, the V130 has only one other function, that of operating a latch via a single solenoid ( the power supply for this output is different) The communication has been established by means of a trailing cable of fixed length. This cable moves freely along with the lift. Thanks Lawry
  12. CANBus and UNICAN

    Thanks Ausman. 1. The V1040 is stationary, the Encoder and the V130 are on the lift. The connection is via a dangled cable and is connected in the same sequence. 120 Ohms resistors are installed at the V1040 & the V130. 2. If CAN Open is used by itself, then there are no issues ( the distance is not a factor), similarly, using only Unican again has no issues. The problem arises when both are used. 3. My work around has been to use the Encoder and V130 on CANOpen and communication between V1040 & V130 is being done on RS485 (MODBUS). I am using the very same dangled cable and am having absolutely no issues with this combination. However since Unitronics has an option of using both CANOpen & Unican, I think, its appropriate that an example of this is included. Regards Lawry
  13. CANBus and UNICAN

    This is an urgent appeal for help. I have a V1040 which is Stationary, a V130 which is mounted on a lift and a Kubler 8.F5868.212F.2123 Absolute Encoder. The Lift travels a distance of 50 meters in the vertical direction. I have earlier asked for some pointers in the use of both CANOpen and UniCAN, but to no avail. My system works fine for some time & then i either lose comm between the V130 or the Encoder or both. How do i avoid this. What would the best sequence of switching be? Please Reply ASAP Thanks Lawry