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  1. As per help file, the function on rung 5 should be of equal and not of unequal as is in your case
  2. Thanks Flex. Will adopt this.
  3. I started working again on V9.8.64 on another laptop, and the same behavior was occurring. All my projects are saved to Google Drive. I turned off Google drive and that behavior stopped. This never happened with previous versions
  4. Flex, Thank you for your reply. Re installing V9.8.64 on my Win7, 32 bit laptop, got rid of the Run-time error. Whenever i worked on a project on any prev versions, as a force of habit, I would periodically save my file (overwrite on the same file). Here in V9.8.64, every time that i try to do so, I'm prompted that another program is using the file, and that the file should be renamed. I would then save it as filename_x.vlp. It would then save it. Now i did this and saved my latest file and took a coffee break. On resumption, the latest file opened with the work that was done 2 days back, even though the time stamp of saving was just half hour back. Now i have un installed V9.8.64, installed V9.8.31, but alas i cannot open the file i was working on. Now Ive resigned to rebuilding the project from scratch
  5. V 9.8.64 SUCKS! Even after saving the file with different names, I lost out almost 16 hours of programs. Creators, don't be fooled that this is a stable version. Had much better luck with previous versions
  6. Hi, After installing V9.8.64, I'm facing 2 peculiar problems. Whenever I try to modify the properties of any HMI image, i get a message Run-time error `9': Subscript out of range. And secondly If I try to save an existing project, it doesn't allow to do so. I have to save it as a different file name every time.
  7. Shielding/Screening

    In audio electronics, this was necessary, as the shield would usually be connected to the analog ground and would not be necessarily earthed. Whereas in industrial applications, the shield would best be earthed at one (preferably the source) end and have no connection to any Vcc grounds.
  8. Mike_uz, please call hmi display "My Display" in main routine
  9. Have you set your addresses in the respective MIs?
  10. It may work if you shift RESET MB49 after the Store Direct block
  11. Have you configured the required jumpers in both the PLCs?
  12. Do you wish to run the subroutine for only one scan? Why are you using transitions to call subroutines? not a recommended practice
  13. Use a positive / negative transistion contact before the store