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  1. Hi, Does Unilogic support data transfer to MS Access ? BR
  2. Hi Flex, I read this your post: http://forum.unitronics.com/topic/3318-problems-with-unistream-controller/ and Cara says that "UniStream supports more protocols and unlimited sockets…" Best Regards Fabio
  3. Hi, I need to connect a USP-070-B10 Master(client) to 6 remote Modbus TCP I/O Slave (server) (http://www.moxa.com/doc/man/ioLogik_E1200_Series_QIG_v4.pdf). Do I need 6 different socket? May be socket in Unistream are unlimited!!!
  4. Is there chance of success with auto tune FB if the adjustment of temperature is very slow? In a house the temperature variation is very slow, so it needs very time for autotune and may be that it does not work! What do you think about it? I have to decide if use a plc or more thermoregulators, one for each room. BR Fabio
  5. Of course! Simply performed manual disinstallation the previous version and only then start the new installation! Other time this operation was automatic. BR Fabio
  6. Hi, I have installed already Unilogic 1.7 Rev62. If I launch setup of the new 1_9 build 19, appears this window: What can I do? (window7 64 bit) Best Regards Fabio
  7. Hi, is there the chance to create and install on UniStream own UniApps? Fabio
  8. M91 can comunicate in modbus! Here you can download a sample communication in Vintage VB6! http://www.modbus.pl/download/zxy66/v19/mbus.zip Saluti
  9. Hi, In Vision series there is Unitronics PCOM Protocol that able me to communicate with a binary protocol between different PLC. Have we the same chance with UniStream series? Best regards, Fabio
  10. Simon, with Visilogic in Listen mode all work perfectly. My dubt was born when you say: >The IP address that the modem is given on the GPRS connection is usually a firewalled, private IP address, on its own subnet. In this case I wouldn't able to ping modem IP. Instead I'm able!
  11. >The IP address that the modem is given on the GPRS connection is usually a firewalled, private IP address, on its own subnet. Is it possible to ping these IP address?
  12. My be i understand! May be you mean that with plc in listen mode it is no sure system! Everybody can connect to plc! Can you confirm this? BR Fabio
  13. In your example (V120_GPRS_sony_ericsson_wavecom.vlp) you write: "However, in all GPRS applications, the PLC must initiate the GPRS data link by calling the PC." Why this? There is the FB "Listen to Remote Device". If i understand well, with this FB PLC wait that someone call it. So there are 2 possibility: 1) PC call PLC (PLC in Listen mode) 2) PLC call PC (PC in listen mode) Do I missed some concept? BR Fabio
  14. Any of you have experience about? If yes can you give me some information? Best Regards Fabio
  15. To use Modbus TCP with unitronics is very easy. With siemens the problem i a little more big. You must to buy cp341-1 and his driver (modbus). Total cost 1500 euro. I have performed this application some years ago and it si not very easy! I advise you to buy a Operator Panel ( i use sitek) that work as bridge. You spend 400 euro and it is very very very easy! Best regards Fabio
  16. Can you have explanation for this problem? What can we do if happen?
  17. Hi, maybe this question is a little bit off-topic. I'm happy is someone answer me. i have a rs485 net, where V280 is the master and there is 10 slave. My question is: V280 perform a query to the slave 1.Then it wait the response for perform a new query OR the master(V280) can do more than 1 query and then manage the responses? Thank you very much and excuse me for the disturb. Best Regards Fabio
  18. I've two question for V1210: - how is possible to do more big the alarm window? - why if i do a little modify to ladder program when i download it is necessary to stop running and plc reset? (reason: full project download). Can i avoid this?
  19. It must work with 9.0. And now it work.Now I've used private smtp server. --KkK170891tpbkKk__FV_KKKkkkjjwq Content-Type: text/html; charset=US-ASCII saluti!! --KkK170891tpbkKk__FV_KKKkkkjjwq-- What is --KkK170891tpbkKk__FV_KKKkkkjjwq-- ? I no found differences from text and html body content type.
  20. >Are you using company mail server or public? public >did you enter username and password? of course! >Can you try using different mail server? for now i've tried 2 mail server >Try upgrading the VisiLogic to version 9.2.0 and upgrade all the system files of the PLC. with 9.0 it has problem to work?
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