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  1. Yes I want an operator to hold 2 buttons while a clamp engages and I want to do it without adding new hardware. Right now when the buttons are pushed the logic sets a bit which fires a clamp. Unfortunately I can then remove my hands from the buttons. I want to insert a timer which forces those buttons to be engaged or disengages the clamp.
  2. Yes, this is a safety to keep your hands out of clamp. Right now you've got to press both buttons within a 0.1second window in order to start a clamp. However, once the clamp starts you can release the buttons, which is bad. I want to use a timer to force the operator to keep the buttons engaged. If a button gets released then the clamp should reset and open. I want to do this without adding new hardware for example a new prox to show the clamp closed.
  3. I'm trying to program an operational safety that requires two buttons to be held in for a set length of time and I don't know how to do this in U90. Is there a feature of the timer that I can use, or do I need to write specific logic to compare the start/run condition with the set time? THanks in advance for any education you might be able to offer. Regards, Alan
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