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Found 38 results

  1. Hello, I'm an automation student and part of my final year project is designing and building an automated storage and retrieval system. I'm using Unitronics V570 which is totally new to me so I've to get familiar with Unitronics firstly. I was going to use a 24v DC motor with position encoder and I was thinking of using a stepper motor aswell but I'm not sure if this is relatively easy to implement with the PLC. My question is, if it is possible to use both these methods is there videos on setting up and configuring and maybe a sample code for both that would get me started. Thanks in advance Donal.
  2. Is it possible to dynamically change the drum step time through user input? For example, link it to an MI so that the time is adjustable based on recipe, or would I need to use a 0 time step and a timer to control moving to the next step?
  3. I have attached images to this post below... Basically I haved a V570 (with the ethernet addon) which was last used about 5 years ago. When I powered it up, I got a no loaded application error. I have tried going into visilogic, with with default baud rate settings, and the settings shown on the display, but i just cant get access to it. I also am using a 4 wire RJ11 cable ( I have no programming cables left). Could this be the issue that I cannot connect? Or is it because the PLC is in stop mode? I have tried connecting via ethernet, but my lan adaptor wont let me use the subnet mask that the PLC is showing (it says that it is invalid). Many thanks, Roy.
  4. This is my first post so I didn't have the time to introduce myself. Anyway I am starting my first project with a V570 and an snap in IO card in order to monitor and control the process of a drying oven. I viewed the corresponding webinars and I think I got the main idea about Visilogic (My previous knowledge about ladder and PLC programming is minimum). Anyway when I insert a configuration PID FB in my project and trying to compile the code, I get the error mesagge that PID Config is not supported by Color PLC or/and V130-33. Am I missing something too obvious ? Any help is welcome, Thanks in advance,
  5. Hello, i have a project where i have connected v570 to a wavecom gsm modem. The gsm modem sends alarm messages for liquid gas levels. There is option if you send sms to the modem, it will send you feedback (status) message with all the measured parameters. After few days working the system stops sending messages. If I send sms to the modem i get the confirmation that the sms is received, but i don't get the feedback message. If I restart the PLC and the modem it will work few days and then the problem occurs again. During the problem the modem isn't busy.
  6. Hey. I have a problem. Some workers destroyed my V570 display. Where can I find new or working one? My dealer Klinkmann Estonia said I have to buy a new controller.
  7. Hello! I am new here. I have an object with such structure: Building 1 = Eka1 = E1: V570 - IP address , PLC name = PLC1, can id #1 V120 - can id#2 V120 - can id#3 V120 - can id#4 V120 - can id#5 V120 - can id#6 V120 - can id#7 Building 2 = Eka2 =E2: V350 - IP address , PLC name = PLC2, can id #1 V120 - can id#2 V120 - can id#3 Building 3 = Izolators = Izo: V350 - IP address , PLC name = PLC3, can id #1 V120 - can id#2 V120 - can id#3 V120 - can id#4 Data between V120 and V350, or V120 and V570 sends with Unican. In most cases there is no problems with this transfers, But week ago started problems with UDP_RAW sending between E2 V350 and E1 V570, and between Izo V350 and E1 V570. Here is image of VisiLogic programm: in program i try to UDP_RAW scan IP address (start vector MI1170), but when i online connect to V570 he shows IP address! WHO changes number in MI1173 (i put 4 here , but in online mode 5!!!), if i use this MI only one time in a programm... I checked SB141-146 in Izo_V350 , there was "1" in this system bits. I checked SB141-146 in E1 V570 , there was "1" in this system bits. I think E1 , E2 and Izo connected to a single network with switch. Also PC with IP address connected to this netowrk. I can ping,, from PC in command line. What i should check next? Ty for advices. P.S. links to images http://s020.radikal.ru/i716/1402/7b/6371416aeafb.png http://s019.radikal.ru/i635/1402/db/fd7f6e267643.png
  8. Hello, Whe are working on a project to use the V570 within a self service bays carwash. This is working great! But now whe wanne go a step further with this project. But whe dont have the knowledge to implementate a Modbus to the V570 to read and write data to it. So my question is of anyone have a working modbus/TCP example? So i can connect to the V570 to read and write data over this connection. Thank you!
  9. Hello everyone I am an electrical engineer and a member of a volunteer search and rescue team in Iceland. I have installed a V570 PLC in our new HQ which we use to control lighting and windows. We have got few Dali controlled lights that I would like to connect to and control over modbus. Can anyone tell me what I need for that to work and maybe send me some examples to work with?
  10. I must convert project from V270 with keyboard to V570 with virtual keyboard. In V270 project have control " List of text: By pointer" with constant strings operated by keybord arrows. In V570 project i have the same control, but how can i choose/change constant strings? Its not supported by instant virtual arrows? I must to add arrows on screen with my code?
  11. Hi all, I am using v570 plc, and want to enhance the hmi design, I have tried using the pictures in visilogic image library and it is somewhat pixlating(edges of a curve not smooth). As well the letters are also not sharp. So I decided to design it in Adobe photoshop and download as an image. But that too not upto the standard. Could you give any tips or tricks to do that so. Thanks and Regards,
  12. Hello, I'm using the advanced webserver based on a V350. If I put this program in my V350-B1 it works fine and I can see the different pages, but when I change my hardware configuration to a V570-57-T20B with a V200-18-E3XB print and put the software in the V570 my webserver doesn't work anymore. Could somebody tell me what I'm doing wrong? Thanks in advance, Edwin
  13. My company, AMPS Industrial Controls, recently finished the installation and start-up on a control system for the Custar Stone Quarry project we mentioned late last year. This quarry is located in northwest Ohio and it supplies stone for road projects all over the region. We are pleased to say that everything went very well and the quarry is now up and running with wireless Ethernet communication between all three control stations. This was really a fun project so we would like to take this opportunity to explain it in some detail... Background – Unitronics Vision System With Wireless Ethernet from Westermo The stone quarry in Custar, Ohio is quite old. It has been crushing stone and providing northwest Ohio with rock for over 100 years! One problem, though, is that the numerous expansions and upgrades which have happened over the decades have resulted in control stations positioned all over the place. Our job was to integrate all the conveyors and crushers into one central PLC-based control system that could be operated from any location in the quarry. Ideally, this would be done wirelessly so as to simplify installation. Of course, reliability was a great concern. This quarry runs year-round and downtime is very costly. We must ensure that any breakdown in wireless communication would not result in shutting down the quarry. Safety was also a big concern. Great care would need to be taken to safely control crushing equipment remotely. AMPS Industrial Controls would also build the electrical control panels which must hold up to harsh outdoor conditions and be very reliable. We decided a control system based upon the Unitronics Vision line of PLCs would be a good solution. These controllers could be coupled with wireless Ethernet radio modems from Westermo to allow control from anywhere in the quarry. AMPS would handle the programming of the PLCs and would design the system to be reliable, easy to use and intuitive for the operators. Unitronics V570 to Control Main Operator Station The 5.7″ color touch-screen on the Unitronics V570 could serve as the HMI for the main control station. The new V1040 may have been an even better product but it had not quite been released when we started the job. This station is located at the highest point in the quarry inside a booth with a window so the operator can see everything that’s going on. It’s a small booth, though, so we didn’t want to take up too much space. The Unitronics V570 was a perfect fit. From this perch, the operator can control all the conveyors and crushers that wind through the quarry. In the photo below, you can see the main control station circled in red. Unitronics V350 to Control Other Stations The other two control stations only really required small HMI screens because the operators are not used as often. Most of the everyday control will take place from the main station. Because the large color touch-screens were not needed here, we selected the V350. Still part of the Vision series of controllers, the V350 provides full Ethernet capability with extensive I/O options but packaged with a smaller color touch-screen. The photo below shows the small booth where one of the V350 electrical control panels is installed. Not fancy but very nice accommodations in cold weather. Wireless Ethernet Communication Details The Westermo RM-240 was perfect for this application. These devices were easy to configure with a web browser. They formed their own WiFi network on site and were very reliable. The antennas were installed at each location and have been very reliable in all weather conditions. Each Vision PLC from Unitronics was installed with an Ethernet module to connect to the Westermo devices. Modbus IP is the protocol we used. I can’t speak highly enough of both the Unitronics and Westermo products. This control system has been in use for a couple months now and we haven’t had a single phone call from the customer. It is controlling every conveyor and crusher in the quarry. Even a crusher that draws 4,000 starting Amps! As always, it was nothing but pleasure working with the Unitronics Vision controllers.
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