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Found 57 results

  1. Dear All, Is there a simple way to find if a specific value is present more than 1 time in a DT column? thanks
  2. Hello, I'm trying to make a selection page for a project. The page allows you to select a reference in a Data Table with 500 entries. To save time I would like to enter only the first 2 or 3 characters of the reference in a text box. So the line of the Data Table jumps directly to the first corresponding entry. Basically what I want is a search tool like a "CTRL+F" tool for a Data Table. I tried to use "Find DTI Column Value" Ladder function, but it needs the exact entry of the Data Table. If someone have an idea how I can apply this function by ignore the end of the reference or something like that it's solve my problem. Thanks to read and have a Nice Day , Arthur B.
  3. Hi guys, Is it possible to update values of a data table using an USB memory stick with Unistream PLCs?
  4. Hello, I'm try to write more than one dt to sd card. I cannot doit. Any ideas ??? I attach the ledder. I'm writing a one raw each 15 minutes than i want to append it to sd card It works but only for the first DT Best wishes, eng. Nikola Gramatikov
  5. I recently came a cross with a UniLogic application that use large structs. For example, one struct was composed of 80 members, and most of the members type was INT16, like so: In memory the struct look like this: struct MyStruct //struct size is 80 * 4 = 320 bytes { INT32 ID; //size 4 INT16 Val_1; //size 2 CHAR[2] padding1; //size 2 INT16 Val_2; //size 2 CHAR[2] padding2; //size 2 //…. INT16 Val_79; //size 2 CHAR[2] padding79; //size 2 } notice the padding that added to the struct. That's common in software in order to align the memory so work will perform more effectively. This padding cause every 2 bytes in an INT16 type an extra "weight" of 2 bytes – so every INT16 is 4 bytes. One can think that the struct size is 4 + 2 * 79 = 162 bytes, when in fact it 320 bytes, almost two times bigger (!). Now, let's try the next approach: In memory: struct MyStruct_NEW //struct size is 4 + 2 * 79 = 162 bytes { INT32 ID; //size 4 INT16[79] Val_Arr; //size 158 } And we got a struct size 162 bytes, as intended. Just imagine we use struct "MyStruct" in a 3,000 line Data Table, we will waste almost 0.5M bytes (3,000 * 158), while "MyStruct_NEW" waste nothing. For conclusion, when creating structs in UniLogic consider the padding factor in order to reduce your PLC memory consumption.
  6. Is it possible to fill the list of an HMI Combo Box with the string data which is stored in column of a data table? Thanks, Marco
  7. Hello, I'm programming a table and I would like to have like a drop down menu containing food which, when the type is selected like " bananas" it is wrote in the table. It's like a predefined menu containing predefined types . I'm using UniLogic so is it possible ? ( an other question : is it possible to store a table with a name and then "increment" its name when storing the following table ( Data_Table_01 then Data_Table_02 ... ) Thanks
  8. Hi All - I made a complex function that has used all 10 inputs, so I can't just add another input for this, I just need the name of the tag in the function (call it CBA bit or whatever it is called) that triggers a bad condition, and I need to post that tag name to a string (in a data table struct). I am just looking for the easiest way to get that info into the data table from inside the function without a string input so that I don't have to do it 240 times elsewhere, and I figure getting the tag name( which I know already) into a string would work best, if I can do it. I am using a bunch of UID-0016R's and they have addresses with Alias Names which seem to be strings too but this is in the function output. Any ideas how or any other options? Also, is it possible to see inside a function while in Online mode for troubleshooting - all I seem to be able to see is the inputs and outputs? Thanks!
  9. Why does the "Store to DTI File" function create multiple files when I set "F" Parameter to #1 (Create CSV file). I expected just a CSV file, but it created a "*.UDTF", "*.CSV", and a "*.CSV.ZIP" on the SD card too? I would prefer the program only to save the DT to "*.CSV file". DTI Infolog Sub.pdf
  10. Question to the VisiLogic dev team: Is it possible to add option "Check all" and "Uncheck all" for import Data Tables from .upd file in the future version of VisiLogic?
  11. Is there any way to change the status of bits in an indexed data table without using the data table editor in uniapps, online mode or the widget. I was hoping I could use the write to column function with 1 or 0 but it doesn't work.
  12. Hello , is there is a restriction on the number of files in the directory "/data tables" on SD card?
  13. My application is for a UniStream USP-104-B10. The application is for an OEM and it's written for a fully loaded machine. I'm using a DTI to set and store each machine's configuration. Upon initial startup, a high level user will set the configuration bits. Pressing a Save button writes them to the only record in my DTI, pauses 2 seconds, and stores the record in a file on the SD card with the "Store DTI To File" command. This seems to work reliably. The problem I have is when I read the file with the "Load DTI From File" command on startup. Roughly 50% of the time I cycle the power, the command returns a status code of -5 (Read File Error). I've tried numerous methods. Currently, I immediately start a 5 second timer in the main ladder routine. Upon timeout, the "Load DTI From File" command is enabled. I set a coil downstream of the Load command and use that to prevent re-execution of the Load command (see attachment). Is there some sort of timing issue that I'm missing? Why does this work sometimes but not always? Any suggestions? Thanks, Ken
  14. Dear all, I am using different data tables in a project, including saving and loading TDI from SD card. Some of the tables are "system" oriented like settings, and some tables are "user" oriented like programs and recipes. User should select a file by using HMI element: File selector browser . For now ALL DTI files are kept in the DT folder and selection is problematic. I need to separate each kind in a different subfolder, so the selection will be user friendly. The "Store DTI to a file" and "Store DTI to a file" ladder blocks is not giving the option for different sub directories , that would helped if exist. File selector browser is not supporting sub folders as well. Can I use differents folder path as part of the file name string? or any other way to manage subfolders? In addition, "Copy/Move file" and ladder elements, don't have the option to copy or move within SD card folders, but only to/from DOK. It would have helpful if possible to arrange the files by type of functions by ladder. any ideas? Any help?
  15. Greettings, is there a way to export the csv file including the date in the file name? Currently I have the name "Refinacion" as the exported file name, I think it is overwritting this file every time it exports.
  16. Hello, I'm trying to read values from a data table within a C function. I cannot find any examples. Could you show some examples?
  17. Dear All, I am using the USB key to transfer some DTI...all works fine but sometimes, after I removed the DOK, a windows appears and highlighted me that I done this action in a not security way...and tell me to use the " safely remove DOK" !?...in the UniApp I have it but how I have to do to insert this "button" in the ladder...where I find the function? into the "external storage" I found only the BITs about the SD and DOK presences. thanks
  18. I think it would be really valuable to make the user controls(maybe only the combo box) more dynamic, by being able to link them to a column in an indexed data table. The control would return the index number of the selected DT row which could be used to retrieve info from that DT row. I really like the "Custom Control" but they can only be used for static option lists. Thanks for considering! Allen
  19. Dear All, I have to store a DTI table, when it is full (1000 rows and 8 columns), in the SD card...and after I have to clear the table to start again with the recording of the data...how much time is needed to store compleately the table to enable the "clear DTI" ladder function? in the "help" I found an extimated time only if I use this function followed by a "load from file" function. thanks
  20. Is it possible to either use the description field from struct members or add a second header row to an indexed data table? I would like to add a row or otherwise include the units of measure relative to the value being recorded. Thanks!
  21. Hi, I'm trying to move data table from SD card to USB memory stick. What is the default DOK file path?
  22. Are there any issues with calling PID configuration from something other than SB2 on startup to change the configuration without restarting the PLC? The desired end state is a v350 controlling two electronic regulators with different set points throughout the day.
  23. Hi there, I am having issues writing data from a DTI table to file. I created ladder logic to write data to files on a regular basis. I couldn’t use the normal Data Sampling functions, as although I need to log to file regularly, there are times when the (measured) system state is unknown. At these times I have to stop regularly logging to file and wait until a certain period has elapsed before I can accurately assess the system state and start logging to file again. So what I do instead is regularly write a row of data to a DTI table, inserting it at the top so that the rows all move down one, using the Insert Row in DTI function. When the system state is known, I write a row of data from the DTI table to file every 2 seconds. When it is unknown, I record the row of data in the DTI file, then when the system state becomes known again, I "catch up" writing all of the rows I have not yet written to file from the table, one at a time. This has to be done one row at a time as the files are appended to one row at a time and so the oldest data is at the top of the file, but at the bottom of the DTI table. I am logging rows one at a time using the Store DTI to File function, appending to file and using the CSV option to make sure I get a CSV file as well as the default UDTF file. This is because it’s easier for the end user to open a CSV file rather than have to convert it first, even if it does come inside a .zip file. I was sent a converter that converts UTRF and USMP files to CSV, but not UDTF files - is a converter available? When logging to file, I start at a certain time and use that as a date/time stamp (in the format yyyy-mm-dd_hh'mm'ss) for my file name, so before the weekend, I set the PLC logging every 2 seconds, and it started with a file name of "Data_2014-12-12_18'24'37". I set the ladder up so that if the number of samples in the file exceeds 60,000, then the file name changes, so that I can start logging to a different file and so split up the data into multiple smaller files that will open, even in old version of Excel. So after a couple of days, it made a new file name, "Data_2014-12-14_03'46'06" and started logging data into that. The issue is that while the PLC made both a UDTF file (which I can’t open) and CSV file (in a .csv.zip file, which I can open) for the first file ("Data_2014-12-12_18'24'37.udtf" and "Data_2014-12-12_18'24'37.csv.zip"), it didn’t make a CSV file for the second file. I have looked for these files on the SD card of the PLC using both Uniapps and FileZilla, via FTP. There is more (perhaps linked) strange behaviour when looking at the SD card contents via FileZilla/FTP, and pressing F5 regularly to refresh the view of the contents of the DT folder on the SD card. There is, in the DT folder, a .csv file, with the first file name ("Data_2014-12-12_18'24'37.csv"). This file is not inside a .zip file, and, even though the logging to file is now stopped, the file is seen to grow in file size from very small to about 7.5 MB, then another strangely named file, like "ziFheLDg", or "ziMqNiMw" will appear, then that file will disappear and the .csv file will shrink in size and then grow again. This seems like it might be the PLC regularly re-writing the UDTF file to a CSV file, then zipping it into a .csv.zip file, but that’s just a guess. But the thing is that it’s still doing this for a file that’s already been written to, and so doesn’t need re-writing to a .zip file. When the file name has been changed and a new file is being written to, how can I get the "also save as CSV" option to stop writing the old file to a .csv.zip file and start doing it on the new file?
  24. ronald

    historical data

    Does UniOPC support historical data access (HDA)? If so, is it possible to access data tables in memory and on SD card? How? If not, what is the recommended way to do a fully automized download of logged data? I am using Vision OPLCs. Thank you for clarification, Ronald
  25. G'day! I'm having some issues retrieving info from a specific row in a table, is there an easy way to do this? I've tried using "Read Row from DTI", but it asks me to use a struct as an output with the same row structure, but I want this rows output to go into a single variable. Thanks, Exouxas
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