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  1. Hello - welcome back! The holidays are over, the New Year is here. Here at Unitronics headquarters, we are at work, setting up our development Road Map for 2017. As Unitronics users, you know that we pride ourselves on listening to our user community. And so, we ask you: What would you like Unitronics to develop in 2017? You can post suggestions to this blog, PM me, or email me at cara.levy@unitronics.com. Here is a summary of Unitronics major developments in 2016, many of which were the results of user requests – so, without further ado, I hereby present: The 201
  2. This was an excellent year - a year of growth - for the Unitronics community. We now number over 20,000 members! I can back this up with hard statistics for 2016: We welcomed over 3,000 new members to our user forum… …who made 2,100 posts … in 526 new topic! We all benefit from forum members who devote big blocks of time to helping others. These people put a lot of effort into writing detailed answers to questions and aiding others in trouble-shooting their applications. This year, three of our top posters from 2016 were again top contributors to the Unitronics c
  3. Hey all, Can someone point me in the right direction how to make a Unistream PLC send/receive more than 64 bytes in one scan cycle from/to a Vision Standard PLC (eg. V120-22-T2C)? Setup: - V120 equipped with 24 Analog In & 12 Analog OUT - 7" Unistream PLC without I/O - Both connected through UniCAN I know a Vision PLC is able to send/receive up to 512 MI's in one PLC scan cycle through UniCAN. And has no problem sending/receiving multiple messages to/from the same Node ID or multiple Node ID's. In my setup, I want to receive the status of the I/O o
  4. I need to interface a Unistream with an Omron PLC. Specifically, the OMRON SYSMAC CJ2M CPU31. Omron requires an EDS file for all Ethernet/IP connections and a generic EDS file we found does not seem to work. The Unistream is configured as an adapter and the Omron is configured as the scanner. During testing, I did attempt to switch roles and have the Unistream as the Scanner and the Omron as the adapter, but neither configuration seemed to work. The error message in the Omron indicates a byte count issue; however, with the assistance of an Omron integrator, we confirmed that the number
  5. I have problem with output. Life expectancy for UID - 0016R is 100k. How many times can I switch the relay output in this unit? Thanks Martin UID 0016R
  6. Hey all, The PLC I'm using is an Unistream 7". I'm writing an application where the PLC needs to communicate with a server through a TCP connection. Communication is established through a Restfull API; - PLC asks the server when needed for a list of all the configured items on the server. This list is JSON-formatted, will be parsed by the PLC and then loaded into a DTI for further use.. - PLC sends updates to server when an item has changed state. - Server sends commands to the PLC when an item needs to change state. Setting up the TCP client Rx was a breeze! Communicating
  7. Hi, Any alternative to the vision series essential app "SD Card Explorer"? This PC application allow explore and download files stored on the SD card from remote, and I cant figure out how Unistream SD Card filed can be approached remotely. I was tinkling of sending files to FTP server, but how can I browse SD card from Unistream panel / (VNC) and select a file to send on FTP server? it seems that HMI element "Sd Browser" can only be use to transfer files to a local DOK. I believe that If it had the option of coping a selected file name to global tag (string) then it could be used with
  8. Hello When I convert an data sampler file (.uspm)to Excel it contains a column called "triggered" that is not the name of a variable I am logging. The value called "triggered" seems to react fast changes in logged value (se after time 20:56:27) and be more correct than the actual value(s)saved as logged (ATinRaw, and TTinRaw). Is this because the trend tool contains a built in filter? Is there any way to turn this filter off? Date Time Millise Day of week, ITime ms Sub Int Time ms Triggered ATinRaw Value TTinRaw Value 36989 18. mars 2016 20:56:22 90 6 96988005 998 44.09717941 44.1663
  9. Hello, I am/was completely new to Unitronics hardware, and thereby UniStream by default LOL, until of 9:00am this morning, so please do not assume any level of knowledge specific to the device. My apologies for the overly specific sequence of events to follow, but I need help and do not wish to loiter on how exactly things came to pass. Unboxed HMI Panel (USP-070-B10), CPU (USC-P-B10), and DIO Module (UIS-WCB1) Removed battery slip from CPU Removed Bus Connector Cover from CPU Attached CPU to HMI Panel Attached DIO Module to HMI Panel Slid DIO Module's Bus Connector Lock to
  10. Hi all, Anyway to convert between string types? I would like to store an ASCII string to Data Sampler/User Comment 1 string that is build as UTF-32. while compiling the app get an error: Data type mismatch. Thanks in advanced, Ofer
  11. I have an application where the PV moves very fast. When a known disturbance or an anticipated disturbance occurs, I would like to pause the PID loop calculation and lock by CV where it is. I see that Unilogic has a Pause I&D calculation that seems to be the feature to use in this sort of situation but what I am wondering is whether or not I would have better results if I simply de-energized the PID Run Block and then re-energized it when the process is expected to be stable again. In other words, what is the difference in the calculation between simply removing the PID Run command an
  12. Hello. Does anybody have some tips on how to enter exponential numbers into HMI "Numeric Box"? Example: 1.347E-19
  13. Dear all, I am newbie to Unistream and Unilogic. I need help on how to change (vice versa) Read Only attributes of Numeric Box. Eg: Prevent the numeric box from access when "Auto Tuning" is enable (let's say the PID settings). Hopefully somebody could give an advise. Thanks, Salimin
  14. Hi, I'm having a power related issue with my analog I/O, I'm trying to read the log from the PLC but when I uploaded it using "Unistream management -> Debug -> Upload Log" I got 4 files, 3 of them are .zip a(Unilog_Backup.zip, Unilog_fail.zip and Unilog_Tmp) and they are password protected, my project doesn't have any kind of password so it can't be a protection that I set before, is there an universal password for opening this zips?
  15. Greettings, I'm a Electrical Engineer from Venezuela currently developing an application using one of your PLC, a USP-156-B Unistream device,I was testing the behavior of the data table and data trend funtionalities and when booted to implement in my project, the PLC requested an SD card, I inserted an 8Gb Sandisk micro SDHC SD card and proceeded to manually reboot (turning the power down, and then back up). Now the PLC won't get past the black screen with the UniStream logo (I believe this is the boot up function) with or without the SD card. Is there a way to upload the firmware? or how do I
  16. Hi, is there a way that I can Force analog I/O, especifically the Analog In value?, I'm trying to simulate my process for debugging and I've already forced the digital inputs, but I can't seem to force an analog In, In my process I need to check the level of 4 tanks and a weight scale, I get this information through 4 LT and a Weight transmitter installed in the plant but in my office I only Have one process calibrator, so it would be really helpfull if there is a way that I can Force this value.
  17. Hi all, Question: Is it possible to turn the backlight completely OFF in Unilogic by ladder?If I try to control the brightness by ladder; Actions - > "Change Brightness" and link a UINTThe help-file states: So this seems to be normal behavior. But if I use Uniapps -> Display & Audio; Sliding the brightness-slider to zero, does turn the display completely off!According to Version Changes, this is the case since Unilogic 1.8.51, Unistream OS 1.8.9, October 2014 Nevertheless, it would be ideal (for me and others too I think ) if we could get complete control over the back
  18. I have an application where I need to communicate with an ACTech VFD via Ethernet IP using a Unistream based controls system. I am using Output Assembly 100 and Input Assembly 101 to send and receive communications with the drive. At this time, communications seem to be working well with Word 0 of each Assembly but I cannot find out how to read the and write to Word 1, 2, and 3 of each assembly as individual words. When I set the Data Type to INT16, I get 16 Bits that I can read/write as Word 0 and when I change the data type to INT 32, I get 32 bits that I can read&write to but the 32 bit
  19. Hi, I'm using Unistream for the first time and I want to know if it is possible to add up the values of an array? And is it also possible to perform a NOT operation on an Integer? Thanks in advance, Edwin
  20. Hello I'm already aware to the fact that transition contacts are not functioning inside UDFB, and there is an example application how to work it out, but what about SET RESET coils? It seems that SET and RESET coils are not latching as should be, if the bit is define as Local tag. Only as Global, Input or Output it works as normal. I tried to walk-around by building a simple holding circuit using simple coil, but this one also refuse to latch in ON state as well. Seems that there is no "memory" for local tags.,, a bit strange as it is very basic logic circuit.. The whole
  21. Hi, I create an indexed data table, based on a struct previously defined. but now I want to change the table columns order or to insert a new column to the left. Every member added to the struct is placed at the end of the list and to the right column of the table. I found it possible to change columns order by dragging headers on the data table editor, but when exporting the data table to excel it is keeping the original column order as the original struct members order when created!! Also this order is shown at Uniapps data table viewer. This is not the necessarily the correct order re
  22. Hi, I am trying to send email from Unistream PLC thru Gmail account. after sending the email via ladder, Email struct Fail bit is turning ON and getting -5 at the status register, which mean access denied when checking this account on Gmail, it revived a warning email subject: Sign-in attempt prevented "Someone just tried to sign in to your Google Account ***@gmail.com from an app that doesn't meet modern security standards." Please help thanks in advanced, Ofer
  23. Hi two questions and suggestions regarding Trend HMI element: 1) I would like the user to be able to change the X axis time frame, but the property window is not allowing to enter a Tag, but only a constant time frame value. any idea how to walk around this limitation? I found that y axis minimum and maximum values can be changed dynamically by defining a tag within Trend curve List configuration. why cant i do it for X axis too? I did consider using XY trend instead, but then the X variable cannot be displayed as time format. I would like to suggest that this parameter will
  24. Hello, I am new on unilogic and I have a quick question to you. Is it possible to change properties of HMI elements, like button's background fill color or size or other , in the ladder. Some function or bloc,or maybe with a script ?(script exist in Unilogic?) Thank you for your time. I hope my english is not too bad Your software is very friendly user and powerful. it pleasant to prog with
  25. Hi, I am trying to hookup some servos for valve control. The servos I have, require three pulse train parameters to output the control action: 600usec, 1500usec and 2400usec to give me -90degree 0 degrees and +90 degrees action respectively. Looking at the specs for a standard transistor output card (UID-0016T) these seem to able to switch at up to 80us which seems plenty fast enough. I thought I may be able to drive these directly by using a looped timer set at the respective times of 0.6ms, 1.5msec and 2.4ms, but it seems I cant get that resolution(<1ms) out of the timer? Do you know if t
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