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Found 66 results

  1. Hello, I've got a sreen filled with Numeric Boxes that make up a table to use for parameters. I noticed that you have "$_title" in the Keyboard Title, and you can set your own title, but is it possible to make this title variable? The columns are shifted from side to side depending on a variable, and I'd like to add a text that says something like "Column %Column_Number%, Rotation Speed" If you're wondering how the columns are set up: 4 On-Screen Columns 17 On-Screen Rows 20 Off-screen Columns 17 Off-screen Rows Thanks, Exouxas
  2. Our 2015 training schedule is available on line. Or contact us direct to fast track your project with our dedicated engineers. Ideal if you already know PLC programming and want to save programming time and hardware costs. Free training for ALL new customers. http://www.i4automation.co.uk/training2.aspx
  3. This is more of a hardware question, but it seems like they took the unistream hardware forum down...or I can't find it. Anyways, I've purchased one of the 15.6" Unistream PLC+HMI's and will meet it at the training seminar in Texas. My chief concern is the 15.6" Unistream's operating temperature is only rated down to 32 degrees F where as the 7" and 10.4" models are good down to -4 degrees F. Is this something that will be upgraded in the future? Or is there something about the 15.6" screen that limits its cold temperature rating? Can I pay extra to get cold temp components installed in the 15.6" model? Thanks
  4. Anyone know if the Unistream platform would be capable of handling up to 32 analog inputs and 36+ digital outputs? This would be controlled via RS485 through a banner serial radio (link below). The master radio (wired to the unistream) would have 4 or 5 slave radios wired rs485 to 4 or 5 remote i/o devices (red lion i/o link below). http://www.bannerengineering.com/en-US/wireless/surecross_web_multihop http://www.redlion.net/product/ethertrak-2-io-module-32-mixed-inputsoutputs I'm not looking for super fast speeds but it needs to be dependable. There will be no analog outputs or highspeed counters if that makes a difference.
  5. Hi all, This is an open invitation for you to suggest new ideas and thoughts for Unilogic UDFB's. It is very important for us to keep track of our customers needs. As part of this agenda we want to create and develop useful tools for your benefit. These UDFB's will be attached to the next releases of Unilogic. Please feel free to suggest any idea that seems useful. Thank you
  6. Good Afternoon I think I am missing something but, I am pretty certain I looked everywhere, including the examples, but cannot find what I need! I am trying to connect 4 printers to the PLC through ethernet I want to make the IP address of the printers variable, so I can set the printers up when I get them I am confused as to how to set up the system to do that I thought I had it when I set up 4 clients, but then couldnt work out how to change the IP address Anyone got a clue for me? Thanks Guys (and Gals)
  7. I would like to take a vector/array of values and determine the statistical profile. I would also like to plot the raw values on a Bell Curve. If I were doing this in MS Excel, it would be a piece of cake but I am running into some issues doing it in Unilogic. It seems like the XY Trend can be used to plot the values on a table but I would need to calculate some other values before I could plot the points on a graph. Eventually, I think I could figure out how to do this, if it is possible, but before I try to reinvent the wheel, I thought it would be a good idea to ask other users if they have a sample program or any advice on this task. Has anybody out there ever done anything like this or something similar? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hello Everybody. I am trying to establish a communication using UDP protocol with a third part PLC (ABB AC800F). It seems that the content of the heater is not the same into the Unistream PLC that into the ABB Can somebody give me the structure of the header used by Unistream PLC’s for UDP communication. Thanks a lot
  9. Hello, I'm currently trying to make a PLC program and HMI interface with UniLogic. The problems I've faced so far: Is it possible to set a default colour for buttons and backgrounds? Say for example you make a new screen, it's set to light blue, when I'd like it to be a different colour. And the default colour for buttons is darker blue when it'd be great to be able to set the default colour yourself. Or if you could set your own colour palette (for example replace the dark blue with dark green, and light blue with light green). The "border thickness" of buttons doesn't work with black (FF000000). No matter how thick I set the border, it just makes the button smaller. Making "border" a taboo search word on the forum doesn't help eighter. If I make the colour FF000001 instead of FF000000, it works. So having FF000000 as the default colour isn't really that effective. I also find it very irritating how when I set a colour, if I move the mouse outside of the colour selection window it reverts back to what it was. I have moved the mouse outside of the window several times accidentally and it can be quite frustrating. When I started out with an empty screen, I tried to place a button. I accidentally tried to set the "start position" of the button outside the border of the screen, so when I released the mouse button, UniLogic crashed. Some positive things to even it out: I really like the little preview window when you hold your cursor over a screen <3 Thanks, Exouxas
  10. Hi again Ok following my last post I sat down and ignored the world for ages, and it sunk in...finally Now managed to connect to my device, well I hope, havent got to the stage of sending out messages to it yet,, one step at a time However my issue is now that I cannot get the PLC to retain the IP addresses I set. must be me, cant imagine where else to look I hope I have attached the file to this post and would be most grateful if someone tells me where I went wrong? Just found out its too big!then it wouldnt let me send that either....dash it all Thanks in advance
  11. Hello, I'm programming challenged and like the easy Rockwell Automation world, just not the price. So Unitronics has nice powerful solutions, but the software seems to lag behind a bit... So... what I'd like to be able to do in the Unistream platform is over-write the "read only" register "current count" from the UID-0808THS module. I have shaft encoders and prefer to work on the positive side of the number line. Negative roll over is a programming headache for me. The application is a mechanical jack screw with 60 PPR A quad B encoder, signal feedback and wiring is easy and works fine. In my control code I take the raw data and scale to engineering units to yield a linear position feedback (jackscrew moving the load a specified distance). In the Rockwell world, I can turn the counter off, reset to zero or some "preset" value that is meaningful to the application. What's nice about that is the programming is far easier and I can prevent roll-over problems by offsetting the number line using the preset value = non-zero value + a safety margin in counts (could be 10 x the feedback counts per rev.) Does anyone reading this have has an application similar to this written in Unistream / Unilogic platform? I have my program attached if you are curious about the hardware and software setup. Version 1.7 rev 62. If not, then I ask the capable guru's at Unitronics to consider enhancements to high speed counter firmware. Thanks, Greg
  12. Apologies if in the wrong forum. I wish to have made cableforms to connect to UID-1600 devices we may supply as optional upgrades to the system we are manufacturing. The cableform will include the 7-way connectors (2-types) identical to those that you provide with this device, but I cannot at present find the exact part references. I believe they are made by Phoenix. Regards Robin Proctor
  13. I have an XKP-300 with the following IO connected. UID1600 qty=3 UID-1600R qty=2 UIA-0402N qty=5 The hardware versions of the cards are different and the boot versions are different. Two of the UID-1600 are HW version 0, Bot version 1.1 but the third one has a boot version of 0.10 Four of the UIA-0402N cards have a HW version of 1 and a boot of version 1.1 the fifth card has a HW version of 0 and a boot version of 1.0 The XKP-300 has the solid green link led on. The first UID-1600 has a flashing red and green status light indicating a configuration problem. which I can not find. The rest of the IO card flash green rapidly indicating a OS initialinzing. Currently connect to a fresh water system that is non functioning. We are doing a weekend changeover. hopefully someone can help. I have done a firmware update.
  14. Hello, I guess I'm spoiled by RS5000 Rockwell Logix software automatic conversion of dissimilar data types... In other words I can very easily compare or do math to a "real" and "integer" values without having to code additional steps to covert the numbers. So now I'm trying Unistream for the first time mainly because of the "STRUCTS" and "UDFB" features are very powerful tools to have that are competitive to Rockwell and Siemens features... Is there an easy way to convert at UINT32 to Real? I see the conversion instruction under the Tools/Math functions... however I do not understand how to code this... the instruction only shows A, B, C, D, etc... I don't see an instruction manual for UniLogic anywhere either... like the Visilogic programming manual. Thanks, Greg
  15. Hi! I got 25 Vision controllers broadcasting data via UDP_RAW. I'd like to add the new UniStream controllers to my network, but will there be support for UDP_RAW socket configuration in UniStream controllers so it can read broadcasts from other Vision controllers?? Regards Preben Karlsen
  16. Check out the latest video--Languages. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4o-5VEYgiho&list=PLFBq_OH6_be7snAZAycZzQMvAWjHkX9Pz&index=13
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