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Found 31 results

  1. Greeatings. I need some help , i use v350 T38 and i have problems . On my touch screen i need one button with two screen, function of this button is , when i press first time i activate my output , when i press second time output is off . Can someone help me how can i do this on v350
  2. So I'm currently in the process of adapting an old program to fit our current needs for my work, but after adding things to it it's giving me an error saying there are 18 fonts when only 15 are allowed. I've manually gone through and counted and there are only 3 that I can see, but I'm at a loss as to how to go from here. Is there any quick fix to this or am I going to have to redo the HMI completely?
  3. My main confusion right now is when I'm setting up the IP address and all of that for the PLC wouldn't I need to get the information of where the PLC is going to actually be used instead of the information from the production facility? Currently the PLCs are going to be sent out with the product they're attached to and used to control them but also send emails whenever alerts are triggered, would it be easiest to use the HMI and let the people plug in all their info for it instead of whatever workaround I would have to figure out or am I misunderstanding how the whole email thing works? I understand that the emails would be sent through our server but wouldn't all the other information have to come from them?
  4. So I just want to preface this all by saying that I am very new to PLC programming and I'm currently trying to self-learn it for work. My current puzzle is that I want to send emails to a select email address when there is an fault in the system that the PLC is connected to, but right now I can't figure out how to send an email at all. I've looked at the help setup for doing this and I've plugged in most of the information that is pertinent but I'm running into two issues, I don't know how to test it and I'm not sure if the IP addresses and all that are correct. I'm currently working on a laptop that is wirelessly connected to the internet and the PLC is connected to power and then directly to the computer. What other connectors do I need in order to enable the PLC to send the emails and is an ethernet card required to do so? Sorry if this is all super basic, it's been very hard to find any kind of information on this and most of the things that I find dealing with the internet/PLC interaction have more to do with changing the program remotely than actually sending emails/information like I'm trying to. Thanks for your time, -Chris
  5. Has anyone tried the Virtual PLC sold at PLC-apps.com. I am using V350 and need to simulate logic and test it for the client. I need to know if this simulator is trusted or not before buying. https://www.plc-apps.com/collections/apps-for-pc/products/virtual-plc-simulator
  6. Hi to All, I've short question. Did anyone use the Unitronics Vision Controller for an IoT application with the MQTT protocol? I think the Unitronics OPLC will fit very well to the Internet of Things. Best Regards Thomas
  7. Hi all, at the moment i am using a Vision350 Controller for a small machine type. We think about replacing the Vison350 with the new 7 Inch samba. Now i have a few questions, because i am not sure if the memory of the samba would be enough for this program. * How can i find out the memory used in the Vision350 controller? I already looked at the "project memory map", but i did not get really useful information from there. I only see that i am using 4,9 % of the DLU capacity, but i do not find any information about how many kb are used for ladder code, hmi variables, .......... * Is there any way to export my code from the Vison350 and reimport it in Samba? I already tried to change the hardware in the project, but it is not possible to keep the hmi screens and the ladder code..... I also tried to export the ladder subroutines one by one, but also here the import is not possible, because i always get the message that some used operands are not available on the samba platform. Of course i have to re-adress some variables, but it is just not possible if i cannot import the subroutine in my samba project. Any tips would be helpful, as i think that this small project would fit in the Samba models. And using a 7 Inch display would be better than the 3,5 inch from the Vision. Thanks BR
  8. Vision V350 has a good trend display library but I could not find a ready to use library to plot XY graphs where X does not means the time axis. Sometimes you might need to relate two values like temperature X pressure in a graph form in order to make a better process analysis for instance and proposed solution shows a method to create a cursor and move that cursor in a plot area in accord two distinct values like shown below: These two links below are about how to control the fan cooler PWM signal using a PLC (theory and practice) and the second one approaches the graphic design method. Part 1 - theory Part 2 - practise (Ladder and downloadable files) In time: All videos included in the post have English captions so you just need to enable them. Folks, I am not English native speaker so if you have tips and hints and fixes, please do not hesitate tell me what to improve. Thank you and hope it helps.
  9. Hello everyone, Did anybody solve FLAYING SHARE application with V350. Any idea is wellcome. Thank you all Best regards, djordjedjkgrs
  10. I have a PLC V350, I made a new project but when I download it to the PLC buttons and numeric inputs are not active in the HMI, let down the screen 5 seconds and activates the subruitna to calibrate the TOUCH but does not respond to buttons, probe with other projects examples downloading them coming in the software but no active buttons, I think something is wrong with the PLC. Or I need to activate the screen wil otherwise?
  11. Hello All, I apologize for the VERY basic questions I am about to ask but I am new to using a PLC to control a stepper motor. I have the drive and motor. I read the information included in Visilogic. I am still confused. I hate to ask but can someone please provide me with basic program to control the stepper drive. I want to provide an RPM and FWD/REV bit. I will answer any questions and will be monitoring this thread constantly over the next few days. Thank you in advance. Again, I apologize for such basic information but once I have a decent example I should be able to pick it apart and understand things.
  12. In 02/Dec I've finished a graduate course at SENAI and my term paper was about how build a simple Java application and get a Vison 350 PLC communicating with a Linux server without using OPC and a step by step jig construction. In fact I did two Java applications 1- TCP_Server which a Linux server timely receives data sent from V350 PLC 2- TCP_Client which implements the Unitronics ASCII communication protocol allowing an user read and write any PLC registers of Vision V350 model May be that code could work for other Vision models. That Java code is available for download "as is" and hope it helps everybody to get their PLCs communicating. Find below my website link English version http://nets-nuts.com...cs-with-linux/ http://nets-nuts.com...lc-testing-jig/ Brazilian Portuguese version http://nets-nuts.com...nics-com-linux/ http://nets-nuts.com...-giga-de-teste/ Java code can be downloaded at SourceForge website : http://sourceforge.net/projects/plc-unitronics/
  13. So I ordered a V350-J-R34 controller to input a couple analog signals from a couple pressure transducers. I'm reading the installation guide, and I don't know if I'm just reading it wrong, or legitimately confused here. It says this controller has 2 analog inputs, and that terminals 14 and 15 may be used as the analog inputs. However, when I scroll down to the analog input wiring diagram, it shows the positive end of the signal wires landing on terminal 4. HUH?!?!?! Can someone shed some light on this? It's making me feel stupider by the minute. image hosting free upload image online
  14. Are there any issues with calling PID configuration from something other than SB2 on startup to change the configuration without restarting the PLC? The desired end state is a v350 controlling two electronic regulators with different set points throughout the day.
  15. Hello, I have a house project and at the moment air exchange is not working properly. Ventilation system has 7 three-phase electrical motors, which are connected with belts to the rotors. Current system is very old and my aim is to improve it with Unitronics V350-unit which I already have. I would like to do following: - To control RPM of the motor with proper inverter. - Measure temperature-, humidity- and CO2-levels. If possible, measure particles (smoke detector). - Change settings based on current time, day and season. I would expand system with remote control and monitoring later on.
  16. We just finished an uptdate of a 1985 filler machine. Changed the wire logic and time based filling to a complete PLC control. A servo motor and the PTO command of the V350 are making a nice job. We are going to uptade 2 more. You can find a couple of videos showing the V350 and the servo in action.
  17. Is there any automated way to get data from a database such as SQL into a V350 in an automated way? It would be nice to go from an external database into a Data Table. Anyone with experience in this area?
  18. I need a completely automated solution for sending a .csv (or .txt) file to a V350 that can then be imported into a Data Table. This has to happen without human intervention. The .csv file would be in the same format as the Data Table. Ideally the V350 would be able to grab a file from an FTP server and write it to SD Card, then read the file and write it to a Data Table. I'm surprised that there is not a solution like this, as it would be a common requirement to read in a recipe in automated fashion for example. Any ideas? Many thanks .... Kurt
  19. Am using Red Lion display, model PAX2D, with an option card for RS232, and want use Modbus RTU to display values from a V350. I can get successful comm. by connecting RXD from display to RXD(pin 3) on V350, and TXD to TXD(pin 4) with no ground. As soon as common (pins 2 or 5 on V350) are connected to RS232 common on display, comm. halts. By wiring as above, I can read values from registers in the display, but they seem to be random numbers, not anywhere close to what they should be. For instance when reading register 40483(display baud rate), a value of 8960 is returned no matter what the baud rate is actually set at, and I would be expecting to see a number from 0 to 5 for the 5 baud rates available on the display. PAX2D display manual: http://www.redlion.net/Products/Groups/Counter/Rate/PAX2D/Docs/04038.pdf PAX2D Modbus table: http://www.redlion.net/Products/Groups/Counter/Rate/PAX2D/Docs/04045.pdf PAX2D RS232 option card manual: http://www.redlion.net/Products/Groups/PAXOptionCards/PAXCDC1,2/Docs/12018.pdf V350 program: https://www.dropbox.com/s/86hmdjtqg0qdkqd/Test%20Display.vlp I talked with Red Lion tech support to make sure display setup is correct. Appreciate any help!
  20. Are there numeric codes assigned to folders on the micro SD card in a V350?
  21. Hello I am beginner of Unitronics PLC. I have V350 series,R34. Is here a demo or an example this type of application? First problem which I have to solve is how to set value into timer by writing value via HMI. Could you help me?
  22. I have a project that requires me to use FTP to send and retrieve .csv files from an FTP server. I know someone has written a program to send files via FTP for Visilogic, and I am currently working with the example that tech support sent me (still have to work out some bugs) but has anyone here used FTP to retrieve files via FTP and put them on the SD card? Thanks for your help Kurt
  23. Hi Unitronics Programmer, I will build an Ethernet Network with more V350-35-TA24 PLC's. One V350 (as Master) and five V350er (as Slave). Protocol Modbus TCP/IP, Socket 2, Ports 502. Is there a practical solution? Does anyone have such a Project already realized? Best regards Holger Fieron
  24. I am encountering several problems with my project. I am trying to connect a V 350 to a Yaskawa mp 2600 by using modbus protocol through ethernet. I was wondering what sockets must be initialized to establish a connection between these devices? Must I use socket 2? or socket 2 and socket 0? The master plc (v 350) could send a string to the yaskawa which responds sending a bit back to the V350. From the unitronics side I cant understand what address i should use to read a coil in yaskawa mp 2600. According to the modbus memory model ( found on yaskawa help) if I want to read a coil ( 10001 modbus model ) which is %XB 24560.0 in yaskawa memory map, what slave address should I use to read this coil from Unitronics?
  25. Hello, I've got a problem with the SEND block of the PROTOCOL FB's, I need to calculate the checksum according to CRC-16 algorithm with initial value 0x0000, but the only available option is CRC-16 (Modbus) where the initial value is 0xFFFF. Is there a way to change the initial value, or add this checksum algorithm? Another problem is the order bytes in the calculated checksum, maybe you could add an option to swap bytes?