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Found 14 results

  1. I've set up a Web Server page to display Timer values (Elapsed) but the box remains blank. Labelled in the attached image as 'Match Time' and 'Game Time' Any advice on what the issue might be would be appreciated.
  2. Hi, I have a problem. It's the firt time that I work with Unilogic and I need help. I have to divide two numbers, that gives me a comma value as a result. I do not know how to handle values with commas in Unilogic if I have to set REAL values. On top of that I want to put the result value in a timer. Is it possible with this soft? Thank you! Attachment screenshot
  3. Hello everyone! I want to schedule a task, which starts at a specific time today and ends (maybe) tomorrow at a calculated time. How do I achieve this? The schedule FB seems to work only when start and end are on the same day. Do I have to calc wether the off time is on another day and use a second schedule FB in this case? Or can I use a schedule FB with a end time earlier then start time? Pls dont mention to simply try it, because I cant. Unfortunately, I have no PLC for trying right now. Thanks forward!
  4. Greeatings . I need help , i make one subrutine and i cant restart my timer in this subrutine, in attach i set my code for subroutine if someone can set for me timer on pleace that can help me or say me how can i make it. What i need , when i run my subroutine i activate my timer if timer si on i reset all my output and set Stop_filtration_top, this bit is important to me , whit this bit i call my second subroutine and if this second subroutin is finish i restart Stop_filtration_top and can back to first routine filtration.vlx
  5. Dear All, I have to let a customer modify some timers by a numeric box on HMI. I know how to do it but my question is if the customer set 2, as seconds, in the numeric box, what I have to consider to store the right value?...multiply this for 1000 (milliseconds)...then at the end 2000 or what? thanks
  6. I wold like know how to declare for function in the input values for preset timer inside the UDFB? best regards.
  7. Noob question: How can I turn on a bit for 1 min? In all of my attempts, the timer starts counting down again when it reaches 0 and the bit stays high.
  8. Ladies and Gents, I have a program where I am triggering an analytical measurement with either an HMI button, or via a timer for unattended operation. I have 7 other timers running in the project, all working flawlessly. Additionally, I feel that the logic I used for this is sound - it already works fine on my data logging routine. Attached are two screen captures, one of the ladder for the Analytical trigger (not working), and the working data logging ladder. With respect to T8, when in online mode, I can see that the contact conditions are all working as expected, and the timer is counting down from 1 minute to zero and restarting at 1 minute as long as my contacts are good. However, in online mode, it appears that the T8 contacts in Nets 1, 2 never change state to high conditions at T=0. The HMI trigger (MB310) works as expected. All ladder instances of MB310, Mb50,51, and T8 appear only in this subroutine. The HMI links are just for the respective MBs (one pushbutton each), and a timer entry for T8. I'm going crazy with this. I have got to be overlooking something so stupid and/or obvious. It's hot on the East Coast - I owe whoever can help with this a cold one..... Thanks, Rich
  9. Is it possible in Visilogic to make a counter based on the clock speed? An other possibility is using the standard timers, but we need the possibility tot start a process, and keep tracking (and showing) the time that the process has been running (without time limitation).
  10. ahoover

    Issue with TON timer

    Has anybody else had issues with TON timers?? Several times I have seen where the timer seems to get stuck with the "out" bit ON. It's a very simple logic where the timers out bit is used as a N/C bit to activate the timer, thus the timer is constantly cycling. I have seen where the out bit goes high & stays high until I "Reset Retained Tags" in UniApps. This may have occurred after a new application was downloaded to the UniStream. I'm using latest version of UniLogic & have all OS files up to date on the UniStream. Thanks, Ahoover
  11. Hi guys, I'm using Vision 130 PLC- V133-33-T38. When I'm using in the logic timers (for ex. TD), when I excite the timer, the time is not elapsing. I have created a coil itself...not working, then coil and contact...not working. I'm using simple network (for ex. when MB30 is 1, start TD4 (TD is set to time 10sec)). When time elapsed activate MB31. Simple as that. Does anyone has an idea why this is not working? Thanks,
  12. I have a program with 4 timers that go in sequence. I want to display all 4 timers' current value on 1 display screen. I've figured out how to display the timers using the SI142 method, but when I test the display all I get are a bunch of goofy numbers. When the timer is set under 1 minute it works great in standard time format but if I set the timer for 10 minutes or more it doesn't display right at all. Can anyone help me out?
  13. I'm trying to program an operational safety that requires two buttons to be held in for a set length of time and I don't know how to do this in U90. Is there a feature of the timer that I can use, or do I need to write specific logic to compare the start/run condition with the set time? THanks in advance for any education you might be able to offer. Regards, Alan
  14. Hi I am a newbie to Visilogic and I am really sturggling to reset me TD timers to the preset value after they have counted down (in this case 15 seconds). I have attached a screen shot of the visilogic screen of my current configuration of the timer. Please can someone help and tell me what I am doing wrong as I am pulling my hair out! Thanks Russ