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Hi all

I have a V570 its been on site for 1 year, twice in the last 2 months Ive had an expansion error when someone goes there all the card run lights are solid is there any SB or SI that will tell me which card is causing the issue also would be nice if you could automatically reset fault so plc starts up again.


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Help needed.


Vision 120

Ext. adapter EX-A1




Expansion error

1- 0x0000;  2 - 0; 3-0x0000; 4 - 0x0000; 5-0x00000000

It works for copule of hours, then this error displays.

Can somebody tell me what to do?



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7 hours ago, Flex727 said:

check or replace the cable between the PLC and expansion adapter

Also check that the earth on this cable is correctly done, and check with a meter that it actually does bring the terminal to earth.



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