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Cannot restore connection

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Dear ladies and gentlemen,

sometimes I have the problem with Remote Operator and V1040: I use the Remote Operator software for remote supervising of the hydro power plant which is connected to Internet via a Wi-Fi router. Sometimes, when the connection is not closed properly (e.g. when the WiFi connection is broken), there is not possible to restore connection between Remote Operator and PLC. Even if I try to reset PLC through VisiLogic, the connection via TCP/IP cannot be established. The only way how to renew connection is to call a technician on site and aask him to restart PLC. Probably this behaviour is not a problem of Ethernet because in that situation is not possible to connect a PLC even through an old-fashioned serial modem.

Maybe there is a system bit which is ON when remote connection is open and goes OFF when connection is properly closed. When the connection is broken unexpectedly, the bit is still ON and there is not possible to enable new connection.

Does somebody have a similar experience?

Thank you for feedback.

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I think I am having the same problem.  I am using socket 1 so what are the recommended settings for SI104 and SI108?  These are currently set to 0.

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