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high-speed counter

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I have a simple project. The pump pours water. I supervise volume by means of the flow sensor.

How I can reset value of the counter from program (see my example from attach)?

P.S.: V570 + EX-A1 + IO-DI8-RO8

P.S. I read a topic HSC wont accept store. But there there is no exact answer.

P.S.2 I read a topic High speed counter. But I haven't understood what for to enter additional counters if at me there is one which me arrange. After all the counter needs to be reset only

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There is no direct option to reset HSC which is on expansion unit.

See the logic in the attached which implements reset for HSC.Instead of working directly with the MI that linked to the HSC (which you are unable to change/reset) working with the virtual HSC.

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I have a free relay output port. I change a type of counter to "High speed counter with reset". How can I use a free port to reset counter (software side)? How can I make reset signal in net 1 of my "example" projet (see attach in post #1)?

I have changed the program (net 1) as follows, but don`t work. The counter isn't dropped. Why?

post-6556-052282000 1325843582_thumb.jpg

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