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DataXport failures

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We run DataXport on Windows2000 Server.

It stops almost every day, with the message "Run time error ....... Could not save, currently locked by another user".

It seems that it has nothing to do with the Excel file, because the Excel is always created, and DataXport still runs.

It seems more as if some automatic log file cannot be written.

The sw version is 3.0.1 , but it has been like this with previous versions.

DataXport runs under an administrator account.

Any idea ?

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Hello eitan,

are you sure, that no other users or applications use the server while using DataXport?

If the Excel file was created by DataXport, I think the problem is caused by the log or the .ulp file.

Another idea: Reinstall DataXport. Before installing DataXport again make sure, that the server is "DataXport clean".

This means:

1. all DataXport-Folders should be deleted. --> save your files before deleting!

2. the registry is free of entries of DataXport --> check this manually or with tools, e.g. "ccleaner"

After reinstalling, create a new .ulp file. Do not use an existing .ulp file for your test.

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