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GPRS communication

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Hi everybody,

I'd like to use the Enfora GSM1308 moden to send datas to a web site.

I has downloaded the AT commands manual, but I dont know how to configure the modem to send datas.

I'd like to send a command like this through the moden:


if I sent this command in the webbrowser I can update my page.

Can I do this using Enfora moden?


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First of all you the GPRS example for connecting/Listening to other device.

You can find the example under VisiLogic help menu --> Examples --> Project examples\Communications\GPRS\570_GPRS_Enfora_Via_Internet.vlp

Then for sending strings over GPRS you can use FB Protocol Send.

After connection is established with the other device (MB call status) you need to activate "PROTOCOL CONFIG" and then using "FB Protocol Send" you can send strings including variables from the PLC.

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Thanks Ofir,

I found out this application, and it helps me a little.

I'm not using a PLC to communicate whit Enfora, I'm using a uControler. So I want to know the AT command sequence to establish a connection with uControler - Enfora - website.

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