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M91 - HSO - Precision Stop

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Dear all,

I have an application of cutting machine.

I am using M91-2-T1 to control the rollers synced with micro stepping motor for feeding the probe. The Stepping is controlled by PWM output as well as the feedback is given to the HSI to stop HSO after reaching the exact preset value.

The probe should be cut at 20mm,40mm & 100mm lengths with +/- 1mm. But sometimes the tolerance value comes -2 to + 4.

How could I attain the expected tolerance value(+/-1mm)?

Is there any programming trick to reduce the scan time?

Thanks in advance.

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Have a look at the examples in the "Motion Control" examples in the U90 ladder examples section.

One aspect is to use the 2.5ms interrupt.

Also, are you ramping the speed down as you approach the setpoint? There is also an example of this in the sample programs.

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Thanks for your reply Mr.Simon & Mr.Joe.

Dear Mr.Joe, Here by i attached the full coding. http://forum.unitronics.com/index.php?/files/file/29-tube-cutting-machine/

Dear Mr.Simon, I already gone through the sample program and created as per the program only. But It didn't run with the 2.5ms interrupt inside (I don't know why.). So I deleted that part.

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