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This replaces the Help file that was released with VisiLogic 9.5.0.

  1. Download the .rar file attached to this post.
  2. Unzip the file VisiLogic.gif
  3. Rename it to VisiLogic.chm.
  4. Copy it into the VisiLogic Directory, typically: \Program Files\Unitronics\Unitronics VisiLogic_C\Help
    (overwrite the existing VisiLogic.chm.

Note that this new Help file fixes several reported issues, including a missing Timers topic.


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Thanks for that Cara

I also found that after I had extract the Visilogic.gif but before I copied it to the program directories I had to right click the file, go to Security, and 'Unblock' it. I also opened it as well then it made me a Visilogic.chw file and I copied that over as well.

Hope this helps.


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Have just updated to this Help file. Need clarification.

SB 162 in the operands list in Visilogic stands as "Link failed after card was properly initialized", whereas the new help file states SB 162 to be "Ethernet Reconnect parameters saved". Has the operation of this bit changed?


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OK--SB 162 fills the function described in VisiLogic: "Link failed after card was properly initialized".

To automatically renew the link, use SB 168 to activate "Link lost, auto-recover": Set SB 168 to Power-up Value =1.

I have already fixed the Help file, and it will be in the next version. Thanks!

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