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Jazz and MC55i terminal

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I have a project where I have to send sms messages from a jazz plc (JZ10-11-T40) using a MC55i Terminal modem, however the modem does not respond to plc and i get the error message 2 in SI70. The same setup seems to work fine with the MC35i model, but when I try to connect the other model, it just doesn't work. I can communicate with it using PC and it responds to at commands, but not to jazz initialization commands. When connecting to modem through PC I'm using the same communication setup (9600, 8N1) as the jazz. Is there something extra that I should be aware of or is there a problem with this type of modem?

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The MC55i is supported by Jazz PLC's.

Please write us (and attach your application) to support@unitronics.com


I solved the problem. The problem was that MJ20-PRG just didn't want to work with the modem even though it uploaded program to PLC. When I switched to MJ20-RS everything worked fine.

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