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V570 and ET1 card - new connector?

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Hi Guys!  I hope all my friends in Israel are safe and well during these troubles.


I just got a brand new V570 for a project, along with an V200-19-ET1 card, and I was installing the card when I noticed something I'd not seen before:


On the card is a connector, J102, which was covered by a plastic clip.  I could not get the card to install until I removed this clip, and J102 docked with a set of four pins on the motherboard, marked JP1500.  Pin 4 of JP1500 was connected when the card was in place.


I cannot seem to recall ever seeing this connector in use before, but my memory is not what it used to be.  I just wanted to make sure this was correct, since J102 was covered when I unpacked the ET1 card.





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