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V350 profibus communication

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Hello everyone,

I have been trying to connect a V 350 plc throw a profibus communication with a S7300. Despite, I use the profibus block in the visilogic and I installed the gsd file into the step 7 program I could not connect successfully both PLCs. Any advice about it?



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Hello Andres


I’m also currently working on a project with a V350 with profibus card connected to a CTI2500 PLC using a 505-7202 FIM module(500 series Texas Instruments).
In my situation de profibus communication is running well and I used the Bit_recv_1 128 bit and the
Bit_send_1 128 bit.
On the CTI side these are mapped to 8WX inputwords 16 bit (8*16=128) and 8WY outputwords 16 bit(8*16=128).


I installed the profibus card in the V350 and after that supplied it with 24V=.
Then when trying to download the first time my project in visilogic I got a warning that the firmware of the V350 has to be updated before profibus could be used and I did so.


Then in the Visilogic project you have to use the Profibus configuration block as a power up task.
In this block you fill in the slave address and al send and receive areas,I used XB,s,XI,s and XDW,s for this purpose.
If everything is correctly configured on both in your situation Visilogic V350 and Simatic manager (or TIA portal) for S7300 then the communication should run and in Visilogic you should see a value of 32 at the status message and the DW,s configured for counter reads and counter writes should be incrementing.
If the status message shows 0 or 16 then it means that the configuration is wrong at the S7 site.


Hope it helps?


Kind regards




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