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Remote Operator through TeamViewer


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Hello world,
I was asked to enable access to my Vision project from mobile devices (smartphones, tablets). I installed PC with Remote Operator connected to Vision PLC via Ethernet card. This PC is connected to internet and it is equipped with TeamViewer software. In the next step I installed TeamViewer client to customer's mobile devices. Now I can see interesting phenomenon: The desktop of PC is now visible from Android phone or tablet. Actually I am able to start and control all windows programs on PC with one exception: Remote Operator. I am able to start communication with OPLC; I can see the display but I am not able to activate buttons or change variables. Probably it is not a feature of Teamiewer, it is probably a some kind of bad cooperation between Remote Operator and Android environment (I never noticed something similar on Windows or iOS based devices).
Did somebody face to similar behavior of the Remote Operator via TeamViewer? Is it possible to do some workaround to make the Remote Operator work through TeamViewer?
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