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Export Trend File to CSV

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(Unistream PLC and 10.4 Inch screen)


I Try to export the trend data from a Datasampler to a CSV (EXEL) File

I get it from the SD-card with filezilla.


Sometimes the file will be generated and sometimes it won't


I stop the data sampling and then i set the create CSV bit.

in ladder function.



But it not always generate the file (.ZIP)


Is there an example how this file must be generated.


I use Unilogic version 1.9 rev 19


I have tried a full download and so on but sometimes it works sometimes it won't


Is there any example how this works.


 Thanks René

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Hi Rene,

Please see the attached project.

In the Data Sampler1 struct there is a "Create CSV" bit. When this bit is turned on, every time you will stop the sampling or when the sampler reaches the maximum samples (60000 samples) a new CSV will be written to the SD card.


Please let me know if that works for you.


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