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Replace a Vision controller with UniStream

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I have a V1210 in the field that I would like to replace with one of the large screen UniStreams to add certain capability that the UniStream offers. It currently has 4 I/O modules connected, which I DO NOT want to replace. They are: EX-D16A3-RO8 + 3 IO-D16A3-RO16 modules. Is that possible? I realize I will have to rewrite the software for the UniStream PLC, but will it connect to the Vision I/O modules?

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Hi Flex,

You can keep the Vision IO modules and switch to Unistream in one condition - you need to use EX-RC1 as a bridge between the Unistream and the Vision IO's.

I attached an example that shows how to use EX-RC1 with Unistream.


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