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Hey folks, new to PLCs and new to this forum. 



Ok, so this is my issue:


Boss wants me to hook up a 350 to an IRC5 ABB controller, preferably through an ethernet cable.


No fieldbus adapter on the controller.


No devicenet on the PLC.



I'm looking at modbus, but I do not really know where to start.



What's the recommended protocol for this situation?


What kind of programming is involved?



ANY help at all would be awesome.


Thanks in advance!!

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Do you know if the V350 unit would be acting as a Modbus master/client or slave/server?


If you are unfamiliar with programming our software I would recommend watching our series of webinars. These will help to demonstrate the logic and how to set up different functions and configurations within VisiLogic.


We also have specific webinar topics for Modbus RTU which can be found below. The Modbus IP (over Ethernet) commands will be exactly the same as Modbus RTU though you will need the additional Ethernet logic for it to work. Modbus IP example code can be found in VisiLogic under Help/ Examples/ Version 900/ Project Examples/ Communications/ Ethernet/ Ethernet Modbus IP.



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Well turns out that my machine only has DeviceNet lean. The ABB rep we had at work said we couldn't get third party units to work with it.


The wrong tree has been well barked.


So, it's physical I/Os for me!



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