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CANopen with CDE3004 and V1040

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Hello everybody,


I've got a question about Unitronics with CANopen.

I am doing an internship and have my own project here.

It's a Foil test installation with an extruder.

Now I have 2 servo controllers (CDE3004) and I want them to communicate with my Unitronics V1040.

But I have a little bit trouble understanding the CANopen configuration.


The idea is that I can read the parameters from the servo controllers. 

For instance the RPM, Torque, Power and Errors/Warnings.

And that I can control them from 0 to 100%


I also found some information concerning the servo controllers;

Info about Servo Controllers CAN

here are in my opinion the values for CANopen?
Or am I wrong with this.


maybe someone can give me a push in the right direction with how to set the configuration.


(Sorry for my english if it's not quite right)

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Sorry for my poor English 'google helps me.

I think you'll understand me: Unitronic no solution for your problem.

Unitronic does not support CANopen protocol CiA DS402  , CiA DS301 only.

Read about the differences, there are plenty on the internet.


Good luck

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The V1040 does support CANopen according to the unitronics webpage. 


Under the support section there is a manual for communications, page 119 of the pdf (113 of the manual) talks about using the CANopen functions blocks.

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