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I am trying to use an Interrupt HSC with a V130-33-B1 and a Ex-D16A3-TO16. when I try to upload the project to the PLC I get a message saying that Interrupt HSC is not compatible with my hardware configuration. I have looked all over documentation to find out if this is true or if i have something else configured incorrect, but have come up blank.


Can anyone confirm that HSC on an expansion is not compatible with the interrupt? I know that immediate routines are not compatable with the V130-33-B1 but there is nothing about the interrupt.

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Hi Mizinia,


High speed interrupt can be use only with snap-in HSI or on board HSI, it can’t work with local expansion IO.

V130-33-B1 has no on- board IO and high speed interrupt cannot work with Ex-D16A3-TO16 expansion IO module.


There are two options:

Using V130 with onboard high speed inputs.

Or if you need to high speed input far from PLC then you can use the EXF-RC15 (High Speed remote IO) via CANbus communication. This Remote IO support:

9 digital inputs, including 3 high-speed counters.

4 digital transistor outputs, may function as high-speed PWM/PTO outputs.

2 relay outputs.




For more information on Interrupt you can check VisiLogic Help under "Interrupt Routines"

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So if i get the V130-J-T2 and the EXF-RC15 i could have 6 HSC with interupts? Or is there a performance limit that would be reached trying to do that?

Would interupts interupt each other?

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