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Communicating V350 PLC with Java - Linux without OPC server


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In 02/Dec I've finished a graduate course at SENAI and my term paper was about how build a simple Java application and get a Vison 350 PLC communicating with a Linux server without using OPC and a step by step jig construction.
In fact I did two Java applications
1- TCP_Server which a Linux server timely receives data sent from V350 PLC

2- TCP_Client which implements the Unitronics ASCII communication protocol allowing an user read and write any PLC registers of Vision V350 model
May be that code could work for other Vision models.
That Java code is available for download "as is" and hope it helps everybody to get their PLCs communicating.
Find below my website link
English version
Brazilian Portuguese version
Java code can be downloaded at SourceForge website :


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