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Re-establishing a TCP connection


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Hello world,


is it possible to make Remote Operator to re-establish communication automatically after losing TCP connection?

If negative, is there some workaround (e.g. some VBscript)?

Now, if the connection is lost, only informing text appears on the screen and user has to click "stop communiaction" and "start communication" again to see the display.


Many thanks for an idea,



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Well, if you change the number of retries to a big number, then it will try and try up until no retries are left.

On the retires, it tries to re-open the socket, so if the other side (PLC) has returned by then, then the connection should be re-established.


Another solution is to have the Remote Operator in Listen, and the PLC calls to the PC. However, if the IP of the PC changes, it is not practical.

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