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PCOM ASCII Request via Enfora GSM


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I'm trying to connect a Remote V350 with a Enfora GSM Modem.

This works correct with VisiLogic Modem Services and "Online Test"


Now i want to do this via a Python Script:


1. prepare the Modem as "PC Modem" with VisiLogic Modem Services.

2. run my Script: configure ComPort (9600,8,N,1), test some AT-Commands => OK

3.Dialing the Remote Device:   ATDT+49123....

4. Waitig for Response: "CONNECT" => OK

5. After "CONNECT": Wait 1sec, send my Request as Byte-Sequence "b'/01RCF6\r'"

6. Waiting for Response (Date and Time) but there is no Response! (Timeout 65sec)


The same Request works on a local, direct, serial connected PLC without any problems!


What is wrong? Are there any other commands necessarry before i send my Byte Message?


Thank you




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