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Barcode scanner connected to UniStream does not work in

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I'm trying to read data with a USB  barcode scanner. I used the message composer and the Unitronics example but it does not working.

First of all when I plugged the scanner to the PLC USB , it was recognized as a mouse and asked to restart the display, after doing this I tried to scan a barcode but nothing happened. looks like no data was received.

In vision PLCs there was the ability to touch the screen for few seconds and enter to debug mode and monitor the serial port for received/ transmit data, does that function existent in UniStream PLCs?

the data I expect to recive is 1YE300356,0003@091133A-00 for example. I used Raw Data in the message composer , hope that's o.k

thank's for your help.

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Are their any other utilities you can work with to verify the data being sent by the barcode scanner? For example I would recommend testing with a PC based utility program such as Hercules to verify the hardware settings and message format. Once this is known than it can be added in our UniLogic software.


If you have not worked with the message composer previously I would also recommend watching our webinar on the topic. It can be viewed using the following link:



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Hi Alexander,

The barcode scanner is working good i verified it with pc, i opened a word or any text file and when i scanned the data it showed on the text file.i also looked at the scanner datasheet and realized that it has several mode.one of them is usb serial but nothing worked for me.

Regarding to the webinar i already saw it and it is very good webinar. And i did everything the same ( i hope).

Thanks for your reply.

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I have simular problems with a scanner.

I use a Datalogic Gryphon that can be set as a Keyboard or as a Serial communication device.

If I use the Serial communication and connect the scanner to my PC and use PComm  terminal emulator I can send and recieve data from the scanner without any problems. But the PLC does not recieve anything from the scanner nether that I can send anything to the scanner. I have checked all Baudrate settings etc. 

If I connect the scanner as a Keyboard I can use it as a keyboard but the Keyboard screen has to be used. Also I have to first press the "Del"or "Backspace" button before the data can be read into the PLC.

I have seen the Webbinar but this did not help me find a sollution for this problem.

Could somebody help me with this issue?

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I have the same issue with Barcode Scanner HR-100Serires Keyence to UniStream® 7" USB port. Any of you got the solution? I follow the message composer Video but I can't receive any information.

USB Scanner.JPG

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Hello gentlemen.
I'm glad, you're doing  on this problem .
Connect the cheap barcode reader to the Unistream USB port.
Now I need it in one project.
The USB protocol is very complex and therefore it does not work.
Mr. Alexander your reference to the example:


 is super.
In the PC is runing the Hercules program with the com3  port.
Do you know how to connect a PC with Unistream?
More precisely, what RS232 to USB converter is used ? (type).
Now available in stores do not work.


Well thank you.

Sorry for my English. (google translator)


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