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Remote Operator TCP


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Hi guys,

I am experiencing a problem with the remote operator. I had a V280 with ethernet card using 3 of the 4 sockets. One of these sockets assigned to the Remote Operator and never had a problem.

I used the last socket adding a Modbus TCP Master to it. Now I sometimes get a com error in the Remote Operator station although this is very rare maybe once or twice a day. I can connect back just by clicking on the RUN button again. The problem is the client does not want to be reconnecting. He sees this as a negative issue.

Do you have any recommendations?

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Hi Malcolm,

Does it happens on specific event?

Please check the application that there is no condition somehow that disconnect the socket. (for example socket Init)

Please make sure also that SB168 is set on as power up value.

Which socket are you using for Remote Operator?

Which Remote Operator version are you using? Please download the latest version.

Please try increasing the time out in Remote Operator communication settings.

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Hello Ofir,

I am using the socket 3 init function for the Modbus Socket. This is because sometimes the Modbus TCP will "freeze" and this has solved my problem in the past.

SB1698 is active.

I am using socket 3 for the Modbus. And socket 2 for the Remote Operator. Socket 2 Init is only used in power up.

I am using the latest version of Remote Operator.

I already tried the timeout settings but has not helped.

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