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Ethernet/IP and Omron PLC

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I need to interface a Unistream with an Omron PLC.  Specifically, the OMRON SYSMAC CJ2M CPU31.  Omron requires an EDS file for all Ethernet/IP connections and a generic EDS file we found does not seem to work.  The Unistream is configured as an adapter and the Omron is configured as the scanner.  During testing, I did attempt to switch roles and have the Unistream as the Scanner and the Omron as the adapter, but neither configuration seemed to work.


The error message in the Omron indicates a byte count issue; however, with the assistance of an Omron integrator, we confirmed that the number of bytes in and out of the Omron is correct.


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Hi, how did you interface the Unistream with Omron PLC? I'm trying to interface an Unistream with NJ PLC from Omron but I can't find the Unistream in the network, I'm using Network Configurator from Omron



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