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V350 GPRS modem problem

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I try make a connection with PC to V350-35-TU24 PLC. My GPRS  modem is Cinterion BGS2T. 

The remote access are for my dryer project, but the PLC dont let  me make  that connection. Error -"TCP/IP connection cannot be established due to an incorrect PLC name".


I have added in to my ledder program the "Set PLC name" function block, but .... same problem


(I have static IP and open port - 20257.

Modem init.- OK, 

GPRS network registration-OK,

GPRS Listen -activated )



Then i use example project from Unitronics example folders--> ..Unitronics VisiLogic_C\Examples\Version 900\Project examples\Communications\GPRS\570_GPRS_Enfora_Via_Internet.vlp   and make some minor changes for adopt it to V350.

...and i get again the same error.


Seems as "SET PLC NAME" dont change the PLC name for the V350-35-TU24-IT.


Here is also vlp file.


I need badly that Remote access possibility for my tablet.






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