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I have been moitoring a system with 6 V350 and CANbus communication between these and two rexroth drive.

the V350 use unican and the com to the drives is canopen.


I see that SDW 24 has a value of 262144 in 1 or 2 V350 panels I can reset the value to 0.


now my question can someone tell me what the value of 262144 in SDW-24 [CANbus Error (If not 0, contact technical support)] means?






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Hello Arie,


SDW 24 is a bit map for the UniCAN message buffer.  Since you can overwrite the SDW, there is no error currently.  It may have happened once and the error message remained in the register.


For more information on this exact error message, please contact support@unitronics.com.

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