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Subfolders for SD card DT folder

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Dear all,

I am using different data tables in a project, including saving and loading TDI from SD card. Some of the tables are "system" oriented like settings, and some tables are "user" oriented like programs and recipes. User should select a file by using HMI element: File selector browser .  For now ALL DTI files are kept in the DT folder and selection is problematic. 

 I need to separate each kind in a different subfolder, so the selection will be user friendly.

The "Store DTI to a file" and "Store DTI to a file" ladder blocks is not giving the option for different sub  directories , that would helped if exist.  File selector browser is not supporting sub folders as well.  :(

Can I use differents folder path as part of the file name string? or any other way to manage subfolders? 


In addition, "Copy/Move file" and  ladder elements, don't have the option to copy or move within SD card folders, but only to/from DOK. It would have helpful if possible to arrange the files by type of functions by ladder. any ideas?


Any help?


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