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EIP with Keyence SR-1000

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Does anyone have any experience using a Unistream to communicate with the SR-1000 bar code reader?

I set up the scanner node on my Unistream. 

I set the bar code reader's "Data Transmission" parameter to "Send After Read"

When I monitor the input assembly status on the Unistream, I can see the I/O status, along with various other status bits dynamically changing, however the actual read data does not get transmitted.

I wrote some code (10 lines of ladder logic) to send a Reading Start Request ( by manipulating the value of the output assembly registers) and can now get the read data transmitted with every successful read. (I still haven't figured out to convert multiple words of HEX data into a single String type tag)

This is my first time using Unilogic and Ethernet/IP. It seems to me that I shouldn't have to use any ladder logic to accomplish a simple read data update.

Should I keep trying to figure out how to do this without using ladder logic, or am I chasing a non-existent solution?

( I tried to upload my test project, but the file size exceeds the limit)



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Problem solved.....I was doing everything correctly. The bar code reader was not functioning properly though. After a reset to factory defaults(including clearing the ip address) and reloading the configuration, it mysteriously started behaving as it should.

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Hi Dave,

We have a 1D barcode scanning and rejection system project to implement in beverage production industry. Can you share us the same application in detail?

Thanks for the support.


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