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Allowable Installation Angle

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Can you explain in more details how exactly you wish to mount the  USP-156-B10 ?

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Hi Ofir,

This was answered via email between us,support and the customer.

Summary :

Can you please find out what is the maximum angle, from vertical, that I can safely mount the USP-156-B10. I want to mount in on a sloped console, but it is close to horizontal and I couldn’t find any specs in the installation guide…. I am concerned about heat build up. I have done the same with some V570’s, and while they are still functioning, they get very hot


Response that was provided by the factory via US support:

I checked with the factory and they advised that there should be no limitations when installing it vertically vs. horizontally.  They did recommend leaving plenty of space behind the unit so that it can have adequate airflow to the back of the unit.  I also wanted to mention that the UniStream 10.4 is actually rated to operate in slightly higher environments (-22 to 55’ C), while the Vision570 is (0-50’ C). 



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