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PCOM with Hyperterminal


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I try to communicate with Samba 35j (with configured Ethernet card in ladder) by the  Hyperterminal program

I copied massege from Java example in this forum

       tcpHeader[0] = 1; //???
       tcpHeader[1] = 0; //???
       tcpHeader[2] = 101; //Ascii comm type
       tcpHeader[3] = 0;
       tcpHeader[4] = 14; ///01RE0020051F + CRC = 14
       tcpHeader[5] = 0;

       String message = "/01RE0020051F\r";

Finaly i have a massege   '101010140/01RE0020051F\r'

Hyperterminal conected to PLC in  20256

I send the massege and northig heppend.  WHY.

The same result with another programs like Hercules.





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Well. you say that your message is  '101010140/01RE0020051F\r'

the 101010140 at the start looks like a string, while it should be a binary.


You can look at the Monitor (inside the Info of the PLC), and see the received message. If you see the TCP Header as string, then it is incorrect.

The same thing probably for the \r. I Assume that you send it as 2 characters: '\' and 'r', while it means \r (Cartage return).



Hyperterminal send strings, so if you write 101010140, then it will send it as string.




You can use (at least from what it says) to send special characters using ALT + numbers, for sending the TCP Header.



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