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Gadner Denver Compressor Com Module

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Trying to connect to a Gardner Denver   Airsmart  Controller Comm Module.

Serial Interface - RS232  works.

Trying the MODBUS  TCP  UDP  protocol on their ports 2000 and 2001 - no luck yet,  we can ping the IP OK, just no connection for

MODBUS Read Registers(3)

Any one had experience with this unit?




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I am having a similar issue. Using Prosoft Modbus Ethernet card for compactlogix and Gardner Denver AirSmart Controller Comm module.

I can ping the comm module, but I get a error code -48 when I try to read from the module. It is the same error as if it was not connected at all.

I have tried different cables, and bypassing the ethernet switch.  What else do we have to do with the AirSmart comm module other than enter the IP address, subnet mask and gateway.


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For these tasks, a reliable modbus simulator for PC is absolute priceless thing. If you are in doubts, the first task is to check the setting with simulator. It is much easier to find problems if you can change the communication parameters interactively "on the fly" without changing, compiling and reloading PLC program. When the device communicates with PC without bugs, then it is the right time to start comunicate from PLC. 

Good luck,

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