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Silly coincidences make me jump!

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Hi everyone,

I'm sure you've all had those amazing instances where you do something on a site and some totally unrelated action happens exactly as you finish some switch action or similar.  It makes you jump and think that you've caused something somehow, but it is just simply silly coincidence.

Well....today, I would swear that my wife has some sort of ESP tuned into me.  I was checking our pump systems over, getting ready for the upcoming bushfire season.  We are on acres and bushfires are a fact of life, given we are in one of the most prone areas in the world.  You have to look out for yourself.  (We do, but many don't!)  Our extensive pump system draws from a number of dams. It uses diesels for main fire use and electrics for general watering of her great gardens of an acre or so.  For ease of use I have it set up so that she can switch the electrics on with a remote.

So I toddle off to the pump shed which is a fair way down slopes from the garden areas and start work.  15 minutes in and I reconnect the diesel's battery after cleaning the posts and oil change etc.  Just as I touch the + terminal to the post, on comes the electric.  In the enclosed pump shed the sudden startup is very loud, so as I jump in fright I klonk my head on the low roof for the first time.  "How does she do that?", I chuckle/curse to myself!  She turns it off after about 10 minutes, and it remains off for another 20 minutes or so.

I'm then wiggling/checking the physical SIM contacts in the modem system, and once finished turn it back on.  Absolutely concurrently, up starts the pump again!  Huh?  Head klonk number 2.  More "How does she do that?", but this time it involves a bit more cursing.  She turns it off about 5 minutes later and doesn't run it again.

For another test about an hour later after doing myriad minor other checks of filters etc, I dial into the system to initiate the "bushfire is close" response.  The diesel is not started until everything else checks out correctly for a start, eg valves adjusted ok etc.  At exactly the same time the diesel starts to crank, on comes the electric AGAIN, thus stuffing up my careful listening to the seqence.

This time I cracked it, as I really need to listen carefully to the end of the sequence and I couldn't believe in coincidence number 3.  I run up the stairs and paths to see if she's playing little tricks on me, to find her merrily watering away, totally oblivious to all the angst she somehow caused at exactly the right moments, 3 times in a row, for maximum heart attack.

I am often amazed how such coincidences happen.  A number of times over the years, I've flicked a breaker off on any small HVAC system, only to have the entire suburb go off at exactly that moment. Uhhmmmmm....I didn't do anything!!....or maybe...that was a hell of a spike from that 0.5Kw evap motor!!   Or done a fundamental change to my computer network cabling layout, only to have it not work once finished.  Spend hours chasing it to no avail, with everything checking out ok, only to then discover that some dick has chopped the main state line somewhere with a backhoe during the time I've had it off.  What?!!!

I can't be alone in this long line of strange happenings.  It is just life playing little jokes on me.   Perhaps someone else might like to relate their equivalents.   Please tell me I'm not THAT weird!



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